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Thiruvaaimozhi 4.10- Not an iota of lie! all Truth! and only Truth!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Apr 12 1998 - 05:34:42 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr tried to correct the samssaris by trying to make us understand 
the Parathvam of Sriman NarayaNan. In 1.1, "uyarvaRa uyarnalam", AzhwAr 
talked about the Parathvam of Param. In 2.2, "ThiNNan veettil", he 
talked about Parathvam of Vibhavam or (avathaaram) and now in this decad 
4.10, "onRum dEvum", he talks about Parathvam of ArchAvathaaram. Here he 
establishes that the Lord of Thirullurugoor Adhipiraan only is the Param 
poruL. It is an excellent decad that talks about the wrong or vibharIta 
jnAnam that the demi God is the Parathvam and firmly establishes 
unambiguously the Adhinaatha Piraan's Parathvam. 

1. When there were no dEvA, dEva kulam, human life, or any tatvam like 
mahat, - during that kaalam, Emperumaan started creating the world. The 
four-faced BrahmA, dEvAs, their lOkam and all other beings were all 
created by Him. Such Bhagawaan, my Emperumaan is standing most 
gracefully at Thirukkurugoor as Adhipiraan. When He stands in such archA 
form, why do you all search for other demi-Gods? Not at all called for.

2. Oh Guys! who live at various places in the world! (AzhwAr addresses 
us only across the net!). That Adhi Piraan has also created the God whom 
you love so much and worship (including you). He is filled entirely with 
greatest kalyANa guNAs and is faultless and blemishless. He stands most 
beautifully at Thirukurugoor. Please praise Him in good stOthrams, 
dancing and singing His glories and reach His Lotus Feet.

3. Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan only created all other demi Gods and all 
worlds in this universe. He is the One who swallowed the universe during 
the cosmic cycle and protected it. Later He brought it out by spitting 
the universe. He is the One who measured the universe in His one step. 
He is the One who brought the Mother Earth out and saved during His 
Varaaha avathaaram. Even after knowing all these greatest deeds of His, 
don't you all realize that He is the Paran? He is The One who stands at 
Thirukurugoor as Adhipiraan and is the one worshipped by dEvAs. Oh Guys 
of different places! (In India, Singapore, US, Middle East etc.,)! There 
is No Other God that does not have This Paran Adhipiraan as the 
antharyaami in them; If there is one, come on, come and talk to me; I 
will explain to you and clarify your doubts: ( I do not tell; AzhwAr 
says this point blank.) All (demi)Gods are His sarIram only; 

4. That Bhagawaan, Sriman Narayanan alone is the Chief of BrahmA and 
Sivan and all other dEvAs. Sriman Narayanan removed the head (of BrahmA) 
that got stuck with Sivan's hand. With this, get to know that He alone 
is the Chief; There is no use of talking uselessly trying to establish 
His Parathvam of Thriukkurugoor AdhiPiraan to people who believe in only 

5. Oh Guys! who talk about different PuraaNas! The samaNargaL, (Jains), 
Buddhists, your demi Gods, and in you, in every being, He, Emperumaan 
stays as antharyaami. He is the same one who stands most gracefully at 
Thirukurugoor as Adhi Piraan. He is the Adhi Naathan. There is not an 
iota of lie in all my statements. Hence, Please pray to Him and get 

6. There is also a reason for your getting confused and praying to other 
demi Gods. It is your karma palan. It is due to your past action and you 
have to pay respects to the actions arising out of your own past actions 
(in previous births). If everyone comes to know His Parathvam and gets 
saved then He will have no one to play His leelAs; Realize that and get 
saved by taking refuge at His Feet of Thirugurugoor AdhiPiraan. He 
stands majestically there; He is the Chief.  Hence, look for a way to 
get saved faster!

7.  When there is Sriman Narayanan stands gere so gracefully, you all 
are approaching other deities and hence have taken so many births. At 
least after realizing this, become a servant of ADHINAATHAN. Get 
enslaved by Him, who is worshipped even by dEvAs and is standing at 

8. When MarkaNedEyan approached Sivan, He saved MarkaNdEyan. It was 
possible for Sivan, since Emperumaan showerd His grace on Sivan. When 
Such Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan is standing at Thirukkurugoor, can we 
talk about other deities and other demi Gods? What nonsensical thing is 

9. Adhinaathan is immeasurable and incomprehensible; Even the people of 
other six religions, maayaavaadins argue with any amount of logic, it is 
still not possible to measure His kalYANa guNAs. He is there at the most 
fertile land of Thirukkurugoor as Adhipiraan. Have His form in your 
mental eye and at the back of your minds; To get saved and prtected by 
Him, that is the best way.

10. Adhinaatha PerumAL stands at Thirukkurugoor as the Most faultless, 
Most Blemishless Lord. In Hi side, all dEvAs, all worlds, all beings and 
non-beings, are all His sarIram; Like that everything is in Him; Such 
Greatest Piraan, Parathvam, Primordial Chief is standing gracefully at 
Thirukkurugoor. Best purushaartham and best way is to become His servant 
eternally and serve Him, who is Vaamanan and KaNNan. 

11. Sri SadagOpar has sung 1000 pAsurams about this Chief (Naathan) of 
Chakrappadai and reached Him. Out of those 1000, the readers of these 
ten pAsurams will definitely attain SriVaikuNtam and it will be in their 
hands. They will never come back to this world. That is in their hands. 
(Is it in our hands too?)

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam
Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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