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thiruk kaNNan kudi - part 1 - brief introduction

From: Rengarajan (
Date: Fri Apr 10 1998 - 20:32:17 PDT

Thiruk kaNNan kudi - An introduction to these series

The are five Sri Krishna AraNya kshEthram that I had 
started to write in the past in  the network. I pray 
to perumAL for HIS thiru uLLam  to allow me to write 
about a few more of  these.  I  have  written  about 
thiruk kaNNa puram and kabisthalam kshEthrams (2, 3) 
mentioned below two years ago in the prapatti/bhakti 
network.   adiyEn   will   attempt  to  write  about 
thiruk kannan  kudi now as adiyEn have  promised  to  
Sri Venkat kannumAlA of newyork Sri Rangnatha temple
kArana kartthA and Sri VS that I will write about 
some of the  episodes from the avathAram of  
of thiru mangai AzhwAr and his s parOpakAram  in construction 
of  Sri  Rangam temple.   The  kshEthram  itself  is
known by the pazha mozhi or adai mozhi or  nick name
as follows.

uRangAp puLi  (the tamarind tree that never slept)
oorAk kiNaru  (the well that never had  any  potable 
thOlA vazhakku (the  litigations  that  were   never 
kAyA maghizh   (the mahizam tree that will never age 
                ie.,  pasumai  of  the tree is never 
thiruk kannan kudi (thiruk  kannan  was tied up here 
                    by pAsam (thread of love) of his 

The  followings   are   the   5  Sri Krishna  AraNya  
kshEthrams among the 108 divya dEsams.

1. thiruk kaNNa mangai
2. thiruk kaNNa puram
3. kabisthalam
4. thiruk kOviloor
5. thiruk kannan kudi

The purpose of these series are two fold. One is  to 
present the kaimkaryam thiru mangai AzhwAr had  made
in Sri Rangam temple construction and pray to AzhwAr 
to bless adiyEn and few others involved  in  helping
the construction work  of  Sri  Ranagnatha temple of 
Newyork; As well as to remind our bAgwathALs of what
a  treaure  we  have  in the name of Lord RanganAtha 
temple  in  this  boolOgam.  This is the  time  that   
all  Srivaishnava must  unite  with sAthvikam  alone  
in  their  mind  to  serve   Lord   Sri  RangaNAyikA 
samEtha Sri Arangan and help build the temple in NY. 

The  other  purpose  is  to  write  about  one  more 
Sri  Krishna  AraNya  kshEthram.  I  pray   to  Lord 
Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri Ranganathan to  help  me 
complete this small task of writing these few posts. 
I Once again pray top AzhwAr and AchAryAn to be with 
us in our endevour.

Sri Sri lOkanAyaki samEtha Sri lOka nAyakap perumAL 
thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan