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Sri VaishNavam-6- Simple tatvam- It is just eightufaa..

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Dearest Sisters and Brothers,  bhakthAs of Sriman NarayaNA! 

Ennuyir thandhu aLitthavaraich charNampukki/ yaanadaivE avargurukkaL 
niRai vaNanghi/
	PinnaruLaal perumpudhUr vandha vaLLal/ periya nambi Alavandhaar 
maNakkal nambi/
NanneRiyai avarkku uRaittha uyyakkoNdaar/ nathamuni sadagOpan sEnai 
	Innamudhath ThirumagaLenRu ivarai munnittu/ Emperumaan ThiruvadigaLai 

Archiraadhi Maargam: 

jIvAthmA, during the death- How does "It" leave the sarIram? The five 
jnAnEndriyAs and five karmEndriyAs are joined with mind (by the grace of 
Emperumaan). The mind joins with the PrANa vaayu. Then, the prANan joins 
with the jIvAthmA. The jIvan is now with the sUkshuma amsanghaL of 
Pancha bhUthAs. 

In the body, there are 101 naadis (Pulse?-). The jIvAthmA, which had 
already surrendered to the Lord, to attain mOksham, goes through the 
Brahma Naadi (the 101st Naadi).

Such a Mukhtha jIvAthmA is welcomed by agni, The Sun, Vaayu, The Moon, 
The Goddess of Lightning, VaruNan, Indran, BrahmA and Sivan et al and 
send "It""off" to Sri Vaikuntam. This is called Archiraadhi Maargam.


The Prapanna jIvAthmA, thus, through the archiraadhi Maargham, reaches 
the river, that is full of nectar, the VrajA NadhI. There after crossing 
the VrajA nadhI, the Muktha jIvan, leaves "its" sUkshma sarIram also, 
and attains the new Divya sarIram. The jIvan loses all "its" karma 
vaasanAs. The jIvan attains the atomic swarUpa AvirbhAvam and shines 
again with samastha kalyANa guNAs that are actually ever existent with 
the jIvAthmA always. (sinless, lasting, changeless youth, immortality, 
freedom from sorrow, hunger, thirst, sathya kamathvam, sathya 
sankalpathvam, etc.,- How nice! I know we all are longing to go there 
IMMEDIATELY! First surrender with MahAvishwaasam and continue to think 
of the Lord's Lotus feet always.) There jIvan reaches the 
Irammadheeyam-the pond and enters the KINGDOM OF SRIVAIKUNTAM, The 
Eternal, The Blemishless, unlimited bhOghams. Then the jIvan approaches 
the pupil tree (arasa maram called sOmavanam), the tree worshipped by 
dEvAs. The flabbergasted, wonder struck jIvan now is simply not able to 
believe the exquisite beauty of Sri vaikuntam. At the mantapam called 
Prabhuvimitham, about 500 apsaras ladies welcome the jIvan with 
garlands, most fragrant deepams, lights, sandal paste, incenses, etc., 
and music from Divine musical instruments, to celebrate the arrival of 
the (successful) jIvan in Sri Vaikuntam. (nammAzhwAr's Thiruvaaimozhi 
10.9 describes this most beautifully). The apsaras adorn the jIvan with 
the PeethAmbharam and offer him the food partaken by the Lord. 

Sisters and Brothers, it is an excellent scene! Now the jIvan enters the 
Most Beautiful Divya MaNi maNdapam where Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan is 
gracefully seated along with Sri Devi, BhU Devi, and NeeLA Devi on the 
AdhisEshan. The NityasUris wash the feet of the jIvan in grateful 
recognition of the arrival of that Sri VaishNavan. The consorts (Our 
dearest Goddesses, mothers with Their Most Beautiful moon-like faces) 
offer the jIvan, Sri sadagOpam, Sri chUrNam, and welcome the jIvan with 
pUrNa kumbhams and dheepams. 

Here the jIvan sees all his pUrvAchAryAs in front of the simhAsanam of 
Sriman Narayanan. They are all beaming with joy, not only due to their 
continuous enjoyment of Lord's beauty; also due to Lord's compassion on 
this jIvan's too. The jIvan offers "it's" salutation to Them and goes 
closer to Him. The jIvan seeks the permission of AdhisEshan and climbs 
on the 1000 head snake's body to sit on the LAP OF SRI VAIKUNTA NATHAN. 
(Simply wonderful! What a nice fragrance jIvan would be enjoying; I am 
sure jIvan would not know which part to see first and what to enjoy 
,where to take "it's" eyes from!) 

The jIvan performs mangaLAsAsanam on the Most exquisite Divine Beauty of 
The Lord Sri Vaikunta Nathan and the KalyANa guNAs of the Lord and His 
consorts. The jIvan (Muktha jIvan) is totally OVERWHELMED by the 
unmatchable limitless unbounded Beauty of the limbs of the Lord and 
enjoys completely part by part of the Lord's sowndharyam. The jIvan 
prays to the Lord for the boon and eternal Bliss of  Lord's Lotus Feet. 
The Lord immediately agrees to that and keeps His Lotus Feet on the 
jIvan's head. The Divya Dampati shower their Blessings on the Muktha 
jIvan. The Mukhtha jIvan gets a COMPLTE BRAHMAANUBHAVAM and 

All the above, sisters and brothers, are NOT SIMPLY Burudaa  (or kattu 
kadhai); They are 100% TRUE , FACTUAL AND EXISTING; The vEdAs say all 
these; the Brahma sUthram says this; NammAzhwAr describes them; Sri 
RamanujA narrates them most beautifully in his Sri Vaikunta Gadhyam and 
Swami Desikan renders an excellent composition on all these scenes in 
his Parama padha sOpAnam.   


God's assurances to humanity, particularly that given to His ardent 
devotees, which are interspersed in sacred literature, will never go in 
vain. Many are His declarations but one among them brings cheer and hope 
to those who may at times get demoralised on account of continuous 

The Lord is ready to extend His grace to all devotees but in the case of 
a few who are extremely dear to Him, He makes them go through extreme 
trials, tests their tenacity and removes all their sins and takes them 
to His abode.

AdiyEn tried to gather and wrote all that I could blabber on Sri 
VaishNavam; I would have definitely made LOTS AND LOTS Of mistakes; 
Please correct them and enable the readers to get the correct facts / 
interpretation. Please forgive me for all my errors and omissions. 

I consider as a great honour and privilege to write on this Sri 
VaishNavam; Though being fully aware of the vibharItha jnAnam that I 
possess, I still had a greedy attempt to make something for the 
beginners of our traditions; more so, because I too, am in that novice 
group. It is more for a beginner like me, so that we can get to know 
what all Sri VaishNavam talks about and what exactly does it say. It is 
our fortune, again, Dear ones, to be a BhakthA of Sriman NarayaNA and be 
a Sri VaishNavA. It is Emperumaan's grace that we talk about Him in this 
electronic media. Hence, Let us not waste yet another single day, year 
and the life again and come back to this cruel trap.   

Even after knowing all these, we should not continue to ignore  our 
anushtAnams namely., performance of Sandhyaa vandhanam, undergoing 
Pancha samskaaram, SamAshrayaNam, ManthrOpadEsam (from AchAryA), 
Prapatti (surrender) to Emperumaan's Lotus Feet, doing kaalakshEpam, 
carrying out kaimkaryams to bhakthAs, AchAryA and Emperumaan (at the 
temple) etc., etc... We should always recite the Dwaya Manthram wherever 
we are and whatever we are doing; We should always keep thinking of 
Emperumaan's Most Beautiful Just Bloomed Red Lotus like Feet. We should 
dance and sing His glories and names and forget ourselves in the 

Sri VaishNavam is SO SIMPLE. It is just 8,2 and FA.    8- AshtAkshara 
manthram. 2- Dwayam; FA (Final assurance)- Charama slOkam. The scene, 
while you recite 8,2 & FA, should be two lovely cute reddish, bluish, 
red lotus like Feet of Sriman Narayana placed on fully bloomed red lotus 
flower and while enjoying that, HOLD those two ankles so tight that He 
does not escape our grip.  It is just that eight two fa. and nothing 
else. Do not worry about anything else; You are His.  

May Lord Sriya: Pathih Sriman Narayanan and MahAlakshmi keep showering 
Their continuous Mercy and Grace on all of us for ever and ever and 

It is indeed a great excitement for me to start this series on the 
Thirunakshathram of H.H. Srimad Poundareekapuram Andavan Swami and 
conclude the series on Panguni Utthiram (the day of "SEtthi sEvai" at 
Sri rangam, Thayar and Nam PerumAL appear together with Thaayaar facing 
the Lord at an angle and on this day, Our Greatest AchAryA, Sri RamanujA 
composed Gadhya Trayam- SaraNagathy Gadyam, Sri Ranga Gadhyam and Sri 
Vaikunta Gadhyam- in front of Sri Rangam Divya Dampati.)

Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana  

Sri RanganAyikA samEtha RanganAtha ParabhrahmaNE namah:

SrImathE nighamAntha mahAdEsikAya namah:

AchAryAL ThiruvadigaLE saraNam

NarayaNa dAsan MadhavakkaNNan     


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