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Sri RanganAtha temple

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Apr 09 1998 - 04:59:35 PDT

Dear Sri Rangantha Premis :

I am delighted to receive the most welcome
suggestions from Srimathi Viji Raghunathan .
These are excellent ones and I welcome additional
suggestions from residents of other parts of
this country and abroad to devise appropriate ways
to interestand involve  your community in collecting 
bricks for the Sri Rangantha Temple on a National scale .

Those who can help out in the spirit of
Srimathi Viji Raghunathan are requested to 
come forward to help realize this dream 
of erecting the first temple for Sri Ranganathan 
on these shores .Please let us devise ways 
that will enhance the outreach .The home page
for Sri RanganathA will certainly help and I
thank Sriman Dileepan for his srama dhAnam 
on that project . I thank Sri Sampath Rengarajan ,
who is organizing a concert of Sri Madurai Sunder
for fund raising and all the other innovative
ways in which he is contributing to the project .
I thank Sri MadhavakkaNNan for his support from
Singapore . The much appreciated support of
Srimathi Nagu Satyan thru a personal appeal
to her world of friends and relatives is again
a most welcome support .We need every one of you to serve 
our divine parents from your respective geographical 
bases .

Instead of taking additional space and time on
the Bhakthi list , I will now get back to 
the task ofcompleting the remaining 14 postings 
on the glory of Sri Ranganayaki Sametha 
Sri Ranganatha and leave it upto Him to bless us all
to go forth into our communities and complete 
successfully the task that he has assigned to us .

AdiyEn , V.Sadgopan 

>From: vraghuna@CALFED.COM
>Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 12:16:46 -0800
>Subject: Sri RanganAtha temple
>Respected Sri. Sadagopan,
>I had a few ideas for fund-raising for our Ranganatha Temple, and wanted to 
>share them with you for what (little) they may be worth. It's possible some 
>of these are already being acted on. I'm copying the list on this message as 
>this may trigger new (and possibly much better) ideas for a stellar 
>fund-raising effort for our Lord's home in Pomona. (Of course I don't know 
>if there is a reason not to go out and give publicity on a large scale and 

>1. Could the temple make available receipt-books to those of us who would 
>like to take to cultural activites and collect for the temple? With that the 
>devotees could take something tangible to family/friends/bhakta-samoohams 
>and help people take action right then instead of spreading the word 
>alone... We can then give the people receipts and forward the checks and 
>finally send the stubs with the contributor names/addresses...
>2. Are there ads that can be placed in all "indo-american" papers? (The 
>Rajasthani community  in particular may also be interested in this temple, 
>(as I'm sure you know) there has long been a connection with the Srirangam 
>temple and Marwaris especially visit regularly in India. Some may be on the 
>bhakti-list or we can reach information to Rajasthani Associations in our 
>3. Are there flyers that can be faxed/emailed that we can then print on 
>colored paper and take to our local temples/cultural centers etc?
>4. I can ask a local Bharatanatyam dance school director if she will put up 
>a fund-raising performance, and help to organise it. Others on our Bhakti 
>list or people they know might have access to any number of local/more 
>universally famous talents that may be willing to contribute in this 
>fashion. Is it possible to arrange a more organised tour across the country 
>by pooling all our efforts and getting, say, Sri. Seshagopalan concerts in 
>major cities...? (I presume, even if such efforts take time, that funds will 
>still be required for continued management, and this may help.) Towards 
>this, are there organizations (such as South Indian Fine Arts society in CA) 
>that people have connections with so we can gain from joining hands...?
>5. You have kindly donated your music tapes. When possible, and when the 
>temple has the means to make copies, if the list/order forms can be made 
>available to us, we can collect orders and funds.