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Re: Rama Navami

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 17:49:20 PDT

Dear Devotees,

I just wanted to let you know that I had a very interesting Rama Navami
this time. Right on the day of Rama-navami we opened the package sent by
Anand karalapakam's father. That package had the beautiful picture of
"Tiruvallur Viraraghavan". I think our Acharyas and Sri Kanakavalli sametha
Viraraghavan enjoyed that day's aradhanam (ie. sunday) very well because of
the feelings and experiences of God I had while doing Aradhana. (Please
note that I am a lowly person with no merit.  Probably, I mistake whatever
auspicious thoughts that come to me during Aradhana, as messages from God;
or even if my mind is very calm and can concentrate on God with deep
bhakti, that itself, I think was possible due to the grace of God and feel
that He is actually interacting with me.)

Today I get this post from Murlidhar which made my day reminding me of Lord
Seetha Rama and their unique avatarams. 

If anyone knows about the meanings of the Tulsidas bhajan sung by : Veena

kahan ki patit kahan kinuhe gamanva
kaun gram ke naam ke vaasi

ke karan tum tyajo he bhuvanva..

(this is my free translation of selected verses :)

A passer by notices these three young people walking in the forest who
looked divine; they had royal bearings in their personage yet they wore
wood barks and were walking in the crude roads of the forest.  Some one
asks them " who are you and where are you from; you look so pure and noble;
where are you going and why are you not at home?"..

( note: Rama was probably about 17 years with young wife Sita and Brother
Lakshmana.. going through the tough life of surviving in the forest.
Compare it with the life we lead in USA)

Then it seems, Rama explains that they used to live in a big palace in
Ayodhya and that he had to leave for the forest due to the promise his
father made to his mother Kaikeyi. 

Then the Grama-women folks ask Sita " how come you are moving around with
two men? who is your husband, the dark one or the fair one!!? " Then it
seems that Sita smiles (Siya Muskaye) and says : it is the dark one! and
the fair one is the brother-in-law.  The women exclaim " Oh." with
surprise. (They were, I guess content with enough news for gossip for that

This song depicts how such an all powerful GOD of the universe was forced
to undergo difficult times almost all alone in a forest and be even the
object of gossip and interaction with the village folk.  This also
indicates the "Saulabhya" of Perumal to give such divine darshans to those
folk.  THis song as sung by Veena Sahasrabuddhe is out of the world.

I just thought I would share these ideas with the group.

adiyen Krishna Kalale.

>For the most auspicious occasion of Sri Rama Navami, I wish to share with you
>Sri Kulashekara
>Perumal's Anubhavam of Lord Rama from the tenth decad of Perumal Tirumozhi.
>Azhwar  shared the Nakshatram of  his Abimana Daivam, Lord Rama. His devotion
>concern for Lord Rama  are unparalleled. During the recitation of the
>the narrator
>presented the episode of Lord Rama singlehandedly taking on the fourteen
>thousand demons at Janasthana. Greatly concerned for the Lord, Kulashekara
>Perumal immediately ordered his
>army to rush to the help of the Lord. Only when the narrator said that the
>returned victorious
>from his battle, did the Azhwar calm down. In this set of ten Pasurams the
>Azhwar eulogizes
>Lord Govindaraja of  Tiruchitrakootam as his abhimana daivam, Lord Rama.
>1.  There was a town known as Ayodhya surrounded on all four sides by
>and tall forts. One who made Ayodhya a dazzling beauty in the whole world;
>who was a guiding light in the dynasty of the sun; one who had the valor to
>protect devas; was L
>ord Rama with lotus-like eyes and a body like a dark cloud, and He is now in
>Kaliyuga at Thillainagar also known as Tiruchitrakoota in archa-roopa.
When will
>I have the opprotunity to see the Lord, the cause of the whole Universe to my
>heart's content.
>2.  In Thillainagar, Tiruchitrakoota with beautiful shady gardens of chanpaka
>trees with fully bloomed flowers amidst buds, some 3000 Srivaishnavas
praying to
>the Lord seated on an aasanam (throne) studded with precious gems. Is it not
>this Lord who as a
>youngster ripped apart the chest of Thataka who attacked him, the flood of
>oozing from her solidified like a hill; who, by the use of a single arrow,
>killed string rakshasas to protect the sacrifices of sage Vishwamitra - a
>of mantras and ved
>3.  One who broke the bow of Lord  Shiva (One who rides the wild bull) to win
>the hand of the red complexioned  and beautiful Sita with  dark big eyes; one
>who conquered the axe-wielding Parasurama by taking from him the powerful and
>attractive bow (Vishn
>u Danus); one who displayed his valor by destroying all wicked persons ;
is Lord
>Rama holdingin his broad hand the unconquerable bow at Thillainagar,
>Tiruchitrakootam with tall walls and buildings all round creating fear in the
>minds of enemies. I bow at
>the of those praying to the Lord.
>4.  One who left the traditional family town (Ayodhya) respecting the
words of
>Kaikeyi with  curly hairs wearing fully blown flowers; one who used the
>of the devoted Guha to reach the other shore of Ganga; one who entered the
>forest; one who gave
> the Bharata the Padukas and the kingdom; One who stayed at chitrakoota (in
>North India); that Rama today lives in Thillainagar in Tiruchitrakootam. The
>eyes can see Him to full satisfaction. Are not the Bhaktas in this world
>to Nityasuris in Sri Va
>5.  Lord Sri Rama who killed Virata stretching his heavy and long arms to
>destroy his enemies; who took the sacred bow from sage Agastya, the
promoter of
>pure Tamil; who maimed the nose the demoness Soorpanaka desirous of
>her charm; who killed
>demons Kara And Dooshana; who killed the golden deer (Maaricha) using the
>that Sri Rama is now in Thillainagar, Tiruchitrakootam in arch-roopa. People
>moving about after praying to him with bent heads and folded hands has
made this
>earth sacred.
>6.  Lord Rama who experienced agony due to the separation from Sita with
>breasts; who sent Jatayu to Vaikunta; who made fiendship with  the King of
>monkeys (Sugriva) hiding in forests; who killed Vali; who had Lanka burnt by
>Hanuman to humble the arrogan
>ce of Ravana, the King of Rakshasas; is now in Thillainagar,
Tiruchitrakootam in
>a beauitful archa form. How proud I am to sing the praise of the feet of
>praying Lord Rama.
>7.  Lord Rama who made the roaring sea repent by the use of a fearful
arrow and
>subsequently built a bridge through which he recahed the other shore; who
>fiery Rakshasas  holding big spears and the King of Lanka; who gave the
>to Vibheeshana
>; who got the wealth of reuniting with Sita; is now ruling Thillainagar. The
>kingdom of placing His lotus feet on my head is the only kingdom. All
others, I
>do not consider as kingdom.
>8.  One who was seated on throne in Ayodhya with multi-storied building
>beautifully decorated with precious stones and gems administering the
>who listened directly from sage Agastya, the prestigious stories of his
>deeds like killing Ravan
>a and others; who listened to his own story from the mouth, resembling a red
>coral, of children (Lava and Kusha) born to Him and Sita; that Lord Rama
is now
>in Thillainagar, Tiruchitrakootam. Those who experienced the story of the
>with tears in their
> eyes will even consider nectar as being worthless.
>9.  My Lord Rama, who searched for Samvaka doing penance and killed him (for
>violating the rules of varnashrama); who saved the life of a brahmin vedic
>scholar; who wearing a precious diamond necklace got Lavanasura by his
>Shatrugna; who got separ
>ated from the invincible and valiant Lakshmana as a result of the
insistence of
>sage Durvasa; is now staying permanently at Thillainagar,
Tiruchitrakootam. We,
>whose minds are permanently set in Him, will not have future miseries.
>10.  Lord Rama, who then made every sentinent and insentinent being reach Sri
>Vaikuntam; who after defeating Rakshasas claim the strong Garuda - the
enemy of
>snakes (to go to Vaikuntam); who shone with  his four strong and victorious
>hands; who after bein
>g received by those in Vaikuntam sat in hIs place. ThisLord today, to bring
>forth His glory has permanently stayed at Thillainagar, Tiruchitrakootam to
>enable us to surrender to Him. Oh Bhaktas! By praising Him in this way or
in any
>other way everyday, yo
>u will always be blessed.
>11.  In Thillainagar, Tiruchitrakootam, Lord Rama along with  valiant
Hanuman is
>residing permanently. The story of this Lord with  immeasurable benevolent
>qualities starting from His incarnation as the Son of Dasaratha, and
ending with
>His return to Sri
>Vaikuntam was composed in sweet and chaste Tamil by Kulasekhara Azhwar,
King of
>Kolli, possessing sharp and bright sword; King of Urayur; honored  by white
>umbrella. Those who recite with understanding these 10 poems will the
>feet of Lord Naray
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