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Re: Sri Ramanujacharya's Nava RathnangaL

From: Govind Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Apr 08 1998 - 07:44:47 PDT

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, Madhavakkannan V wrote:

> 5.  GitA bhashyam- Self explanatory. (Can someone please mention if 
> there is any English translation of RamanujA’s gItA Bhashyam in the 
> lines of Vishitadvaitic Siddhaantham?)

I just want to add to SrI Sadagopan's reply to this. Three other
books are available: one is  "Ramanuja on the gItaa" by S.S.
Raghavachar, published by the advaita press - this is not a verse by
verse commentary but a chapter by chapter description based on SrI
Ramanuja's gIta bhaashyam. The second one is a two volume set
published by the Vishistadvaita Research Center, Chennai written by
SrI V.N. Gopala Desikan - this is a verse by verse description with
word by word meanings also. I think SrI Gopala Desikan is well known
to SrI Sadagopan, and through SrI Sadagopan, I have had the
opportunity to become acquainted with another nice work of SrI
Gopala Desikan (Dialogues on Hinduism which also appears in the
tamizh monthly Nrsimha Priya). The third one is published by
Ramakrishna Mutt, Mylapore - I am not sure about the author.