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Thiruvaaimozhi 4.9- What if I gets contaminated here? Please save me Lord!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Apr 07 1998 - 04:32:15 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr tried all sorts of attempts to see Emperumaan physically in vain. 
At least he was looking for a company on this globe suffering like him 
for Emperumaan. He found no one. He sees them (means us!) fully immersed 
in samsaaric ills and trapped in those sorrows and do not even know that 
they are in such troubles. He appeals to them and explains the 
trivialities of life, while simultaneously calling the Lord to quickly 
take the AzhwAr back before he gets contaminated.

1. Enemies happily relishing on one hand, while the relations and 
friends suffering on the mishaps and downfall of the people- what a 
pitiable life! Oh Merciful Lord! EmperumaanE!, The One who churned the 
Milk Ocean! Please do not post pone any more; come to me and save me 
faster and let my jIvan get out of this physical body immediately.

2. What wonders happen in Life! The way the death strikes and occurs- 
the relations, near and dear ones fall on the dead body and cry so 
heavily. What a life! I do not know how they are going to get salvation. 
Oh EmmanE! The One who lies down on AdhisEshA! Please have mercy on me 
and call me soonest. What If I also become like these people? Please 
take me fast to Your Lotus Feet;

3. This life on earth is terribly transitory and non-permanent. On one 
side, the fame, popularity, the name one earned is there; on the other 
side, one's great kulam, the dearest spouse always so close to them and 
be with them; the enormous wealth that one earns is also with them at 
their disposal - Leaving all of them, within a fraction of a second, one 
dies; Does the spouse, who is so close, also die? With the long hair 
with fragrant flowers, she still lives and the dearest husband has left 
already; I can not tolerate to see such incidents. Hence, Oh Blue hued 
Lord! Please do not ignore me as You had done earlier; please take me to 
Your Lotus Feet for my eternal kaimkaryam at Your Lotus Feet.

4. Even if one does not want, the wealth comes to him and says, "take 
me"; slowly it expands like afire engulfing the man, it engulfs and 
destroys the person. Even after knowing that such destruction are caused 
by wealth, still, out of greediness, people run amuck after wealth! What 
a wonder! Oh Lord! Please show mercy on me, save me and take me to Your 
Lotus Feet.

5. The oceans surround this world. In this world, there are so many 
births, deaths, diseases, and old age that hamper the life style.  
Further to this, there is even a more terrible hell. What a nature! 
MaNivaNNA! You should take me NOW. Do not refuse any more, Lord.

6. There are people who go on wrong and adharmic ways and earn wealth 
only by means of torturing others. They terrify others with lots of 
fears and trap them in their nets. They capitalize on that and cheat 
others. (How AzhwAr knows precisely what happens today? - Terrific!) 
They enjoy such ill-acquired wealth. What a horrible, useless life! Oh 
PerumaanE! The One who has the most fragrant ThuLasi maalai on His head! 
Oh AruLaaLA! My sweet nectar! After I have become Your slave, should You 
still wait for something? Please show mercy on me, Lord.

7. You are there in all that stands and all that moves, EmperumaanE! 
There is nothing in which You are NOT there and You are the Chief of 
everything. Hence, please enable me to get rid of diseases, old age, 
deaths and births, and call me and take me immediately. Please do not 
show me this cruel world.

8. This worldly life is like living inside the fort. EmperumaanE! You 
created the world and prtected by eating and retaining it in Your 
stomach. Then after the cosmic cycle (PraLayam), You have brought it out 
and using the Pancha bhUthAs sustained the world and beings yet again. 
In this fort, even BrahmA and dEvAs are there. Please take me out of 
this fort, and send me to join Your jyOthis swarUpam in Parama Padham. 
With Your mercy, when will You call me and enable me join Your Lotus 

9. EmperumaanE! If You please, even if one is an anjnAni (without 
knowledge), still, You call them to Your Lotus Feet. If there is some 
one with whom You are not so pleased, You make them undergo in all sorts 
of desires and aasA paasangaL and make them always forget Your Feet. I 
know that also. BhagawaanE! The One who has His Yoga NithrA on 
AdhisEshA! You have considered me as a pitiable object and enabled me 
get rid of the worldly attachments and run after Your Lotus Feet. NO ONE 
MERCY AND DAYA CAN ENABLE US ATTAIN THAT. I have learnt that with my own 
experience. (Very true! Absolutely true!)

10. BhagawaanE! Due to Your mercy and grace on me, I have got ridden of 
all pleasures of five senses and also the desire for blissful, kaivalya 
mOksham. Due to Your krupai, I am able to get over the craving for 
gratification of sensual desires. Even the sense organs can not 
visualize and understand the AthmAnubhavam. Even that enjoyment of 
AthmAnubhavam is against the parama anubhavam of Your Lotus Feet and 
hence, I am able to get over that too, with Your mercy. I have realized 
Your and Periya Piraati's Grace and mercy on me for enabling me to be an 
eternal servant. Hence, I have removed both enjoyments and obtained the 
Parama bhagyam of reaching Your Most Beautiful Lotus Feet.

11. Sri sadagOpar, born in Thirukkurugoor, has sung 1000 pAsurams in 
praise of The Most Beautiful Lotus Feet of Emperumaan Sriman NarayaNan. 
These songs are AzhwAr's composition on the Lotus Feet of The Chief of 
everyone- Keshavan- Narayanan- Paranjudar. Out of those 1000, the 
readers of these ten pAsurams will CERTAINLY TAKE THEM TO THE MOST 
also try to reach His Lotus Feet and become His eternal servants. 

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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