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From: Dan Pattangi (
Date: Mon Apr 06 1998 - 09:59:45 PDT

Dear members:

My name is Mukundan and I work as a Network Administrator.  I've been
the postings on the list. I come here seeking guidance in my philosophical
views and thought.

Even though I was brought up in a sriVaishnav family as per the traditions
and culture, I have a quite a few questions that arise from living in the
physical / material world. I would like to 
start reading up on sriVaishnav philosophy to better understand the logic
behind '"why we do what we do" 


1. Receiting slokas ( that were written by someone else.), 
2. The sense of security felt in going to the temple and putting our
burden/problems on the lord, even the fact that there are even times we ask
the lord for material/personal or even philosophical guidance.

(If the lord is who we have been told, our lord knows what's right for us,
and thus by asking the lord, we offend the fact that he would know.)

3. SaraNAgathi concept: I do understand the logic of having faith, but
putting all our
problems in God's hands and expecting it all to turn out ok ????
It does serve the purpose of having a sense of security if we have total
faith that our Lord will take care of everything, we just perform the duty.

 Any guidance towards appropriate books is much appreciated.

Unfortunately I am not versed in Tamil or Sanskrit, so books in english or
to original works in english will be preferred.

My sincere apologies if any of my questions offend or hurt anyone.

Best regards.