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Thiruvaaimozhi 4.8- My colour, beauty, jnAnam, life- what is the use?

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Apr 02 1998 - 23:24:09 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Even after having called so many times and in so many names, still, He 
has not appeared in front of AzhwAr. AzhwAr is totally vexed and tears 
welled in his eyes. As Parangusa Nayaki, AzhwAr (she) says: Since He 
does not want me and my possessions, I also DO NOT need them any more. 

1.  Emperumaan, has offered His portion of ThirumEni to Sivan, 
Naanmukhan and Sri Mahalakshmi and let them occupy in His Body. Such 
Great Emperumaan, the limitless Lord destroyed the entire army of asurAs 
and burn them to ashes. Such Hero of mine DOES NOT want me- My beauty is 
now rendered useless. There is no value for my fair complexion. It has 
become a wasteful thing.

2.  Periya Piraatti, who is always with Emperumaan at all time and under 
all situations, has got the most beautiful shining form. She lives in 
the Beautiful chest of Emperumaan, who has the Huge shoulders like 
mountains. He, The One who has the Most strongest Divine ChakrA in His 
Hand, has captured me and enabled me to perform kaimkaryam always with 
no errors/ mistakes and with no gap. (paNimaanam pizhaiyaamE adiyEnaip 
paNikoNda- enabling me to perform kaimkaryam with no errors/mistakes- 
When Sri RamanujA was present at the Mutt and the prasadhams were being 
distributed by KidAmbhi AchAn, KidAmbhi AchAn was not pouring the water 
to a bhAgawathA properly from the front, but from the side. YatirAjar 
noticed this and came near and corrected him saying "Come to the front 
and pour water". Immediately AchAn said "paNimaanam pizhaiyaamE 
adiyEnaip paNikoNda- enabling me to perform kaimkaryam with no 
errors/mistakes". YatirAjar smiled for his presence of mind and 
referring to Thiruvaaimozhi most appropriately. - Thirutthi paNi 
koLvaan). Emperumaan does not want my mind and what is the use of my 

3.  Emperumaan killed bhUthanai by sucking her life along with her 
breast milk when she had come to breast feed and kill the child KaNNan 
with her poisonous breast milk. He is the Parama Purushan, who sleeps on 
the bed of snake. He is the One who has Big, Huge shoulders and is the 
Trivikraman, Nedumaayan. Such a Lord of mine does NOT need me. What is 
the use of my guNAs? I have all required qualities of a pure woman- 
still, what is the use? 

4.  Nappinnai is full of most auspicious guNAs. KaNNan, fought with the 
seven oxen and killed them for getting her. He hugged her bamboo-like 
beautiful shoulders and embraced her sift tender breasts. Such KaNNan, 
when He took the cattle out, He went with a dirty old rough red 
clothing, with a stick and a flute, with some bells tied down to His 
aRaijnAN. Such a sowlabhyan, Lord of mine does not want my 
fair-complexioned, tender body. Is there any use of that any more?. 

5.  SitApiraatti, the One who talks so sweetly like a parrot; She was 
captured by rAvaNan and was made to suffer at asOka vanam. Sri Raman, 
Chakravarthith Thirumagan, killed rAvaN and destroyed his entire army 
due to that. Such Great Rama piraan, has got the honey dripping ThuLasi 
maalai on His head. Such SarvEshwaran does NOT want me. What is the use 
of my intellect and jnAnam? There is no use absolutely.

6.  In this wide spanned world, people never come to know of their lack 
of jnAnam at all. To educate them and make them aware of Karma yOgham 
and Prapatti Yogham, KaNNan gave us the Bhagawadh gItA. Such JnAna 
mUrthy, came as short BrahmachAri Vaamanan and immediately took 
ThrivikaramAvathAram and measured the entire universe with His feet. He 
cheated mahAbhali with His two steps and asked a place for the third?. 
Such Great Lord of mine does NOT need me. What is the use of my shining 

7.  Emperumaan, came ferociously out of the pillar as the most fearsome 
Narasimhan and tore hiraNyakasipu into two and killed him. Such Most 
lovable Lord (of PrahlAdA) has got sanghu and ChakrA with Him as Sriman 
NarayaNan. Sucha Blue hued Lord of mine does NOT want my beautiful hand 
full of bangles with beautiful lines on them. What is their use, any 

8.  Emperumaan has got the Paancha janyam - The Divine sanghu, in His 
hand. He blew that during KurukshEthra battle and terrified the sons of 
DhrudharAshtran. He is the One who removes the sorrows of this world. He 
is worshipped by Sivan, BrahmA and Indran and can NOT be seen even by 
them. Such Greatest Lord of mine, Lord with The Most Auspicious kalYANa 
guNAs- does NOT like my beautiful ornament of  Meghalai. There is no use 
of that even.

9.  ushai, the daughter of bhANAsuran has got the most beautiful 
Meghalai ornament and has got narrow waist. Her father bhANAsuran’s 
sholders were cut off by KaNNan. Emperumaan, is lying down on 
AdhisEshan, as His bed, and is having His Yogha nithrA. What is the use 
of this sarIram of mine, which is not liked or wanted by Him? This 
sarIram has got no utility value.

10.  Bhagawaan became so happy killing all asurAs and their armies. They 
are very strong in their bodies and are so cruel. He killed all of them 
and made their bones and flesh drop like big pieces of mountains. In 
such Greatest Lord of mine, Sivan is occupying a portion. He is so 
merciful to offer Sivan a place in His body. Such merciful Lord of mine, 
does not want or like my jIvan (uyir). There is no use of that for me. 

11.  Bhagawaan, reatined the entire universe and the seven worlds in His 
stomach, to protect the beings during PraLaya kaalam. When He appeared 
as KaNNan, He stole and ate butter and curd. Such Greatest sowlabhyan, 
Emperumaan has been praised by NammAzhwAr in these faultless, 
blemishless, 1000 verses (pAsurams).  Out of them, the readers of these 
ten will get rid of their bitter birth and death cycle and are sure to 
reach Sri Vaikuntam.

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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