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Re: manobodha 81-90

From: Shree (
Date: Thu Apr 02 1998 - 08:46:23 PST

namaste sunderji,

Thank you very much. 
I am really fortunate to get the preview on all the meanings :-) 

bahuu chaa.ngale naama yaa raaghavaache .  
atii saajire svalpa sope phukaache ..  
karii muuLa nirmuuLa ghetaa bhavaache .  
jivaa maanavaa hechi kaivalya saache .. \SCOUNT..  88


What can excel Rama's name? Joy in it to be lost,
Most beautiful and short, easy and free of cost!
Uttering that name, both birth and death do cease,
Verily to the human creature, this alone is the supreme ease.. 88..

It's wonderful..