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Re: Response to some BHAKTI issues

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Apr 30 1997 - 11:27:19 PDT

There are many points that Krishna K. brought up
that need to be addressed. I will try to do so in
a note sometime over the next few days.

At the outset, however, I ask that the Bhakti members
be a little more careful in their style of writing,
especially when responding to the first article of
a new member, such as our new acquaintance Sri Sundara Rajan.
It is important that no one be scared away from posting
their views, and it is especially important that we be
sensitive about this when it comes to new members.

I am sure Krishna Prasad meant only well and was inspired
by thoughts of his understanding of SaraNAgati, but articles
with sentences in all CAPITALS generally come across poorly.
It often looks like the author is shouting when he merely
wishes to be strident.

Regarding the content of Krishna's article itself, I believe
there are several misconceptions about our pUrvAcAryas'
views of the Alvars as well as the variety of views on the
nature of self-surrender.  I believe Krishna's views 
are based on a slightly mistaken understanding of Sri
Vedanta Desika's works, as well as a misreading of the
views of Pillai Lokacarya and Manavala MaamunigaL. I will
address these in a longer article in a day or two.