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From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Wed Apr 30 1997 - 00:52:28 PDT

Dear friends,

During Rama-navami last week in Manama I found myself sorely missing
Ramayana discourses back home in India.

Rama-navami celebrations in the privacy of our homes are indeed very
satisfying. But there is nothing, however, that can substitute listening to
a good Ramayana "kalapshEpam" by learned scholars.

I had to improvise and re-create for myself in Bahrain, and for my own
private enjoyment, an atmosphere of "Rama-navami" as I'd remembered it
prevailing in Madras, MadurAntakam or Bhadrachalam.

I did this simply by writing a short-story over the week-end!

Adapting an incident from the "aranya-kAndam" once narrated by Sri.Mukkur
Swamy II, I have tried to write a simple story with its setting in the
forests of Dandakaranya along the banks of the River Godavari.

It's a simple story in 8 parts.

I hope most of you will find it interesting just as I pray it pleases the
Lord Himself.