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Re: Abhangs
Date: Mon Apr 28 1997 - 22:52:16 PDT

Dear Members:

I was listening recently to a cassette of Marathi Abhangs (simple 
bhakti laden poems) composed by a variety of saints such as Namdev, 
Tukaram, Gyaneshwar in praise of Krishna also called Vitthala at 
Pandharipur.  The tape has been sung by the Hindustani Maestro 
Bhimsen Joshi and I will say this - He brings the same kind of 
devotional fervor and atmosphere in these renditions that most of us 
familiar with M.S. Subbulakshmi's devotional recitations can attest 
to.  I highly recommend that people hear this tape.  I was attracted 
to these marathi poems when I heard a stirring
rendition of Namdev's abhang on 
a Bhimsen Josho C.D. which went something like:

The Holy Place is Vittala
The Pilgrimage itself is Vittala
The God is Vittala
The Worship itself is Vittala

This is in a vein similar to Thyagaraja's Pantuvarali Kriti - Vadera 
Deivamu  ( He alone is God ....) which is also a strong affirmation 
of God and God's existence.

I have some information on the marathi saints who are part of the
Varkari Sampradaya and will share it on the net in the next few 
postings. I hope people will find it worth their while to know more 
about the bhakti movement in the north. After all, malolan is 
everywhere and has inspired people everywhere too !

mukund srinivasan