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Re: Why learn of anything but Rama?

From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Sat Apr 26 1997 - 05:43:08 PDT

Further to the "tondar-adi-podi" parallel to the following that Sri.Mani posted:
>>kaRpaar iraama piraanai allaal maRRum kaRparO?
>>puRpaa muthalaap pulleRum paathi onRu inRiyE,
>>naRpaal ayOththiyil vaazum charaacharam muRRavum,
>>naRpaaluk uyththanan naanmukaNnaar peRRa naattuLE. 
>>>>				thiruvaaymozhi 7.5.1
>>				(by Nammalvar)
The same stirring sentiment of Nammalwar and Tondar-adi-podi is also
expressed almost verbatim by Swami Desikan in the Raghuveera-gadyam # 91 in
a very pithy way :

"sAkEtha janapada jani Dhanika jhangama thadhi-thara janthu jAtha divya
gathi dAna darshitha nitya nissIma vaibhava !"

You could say the above line could be translated non-literally using almost
exactly A.K.Ramanujan's lines :
Beginning with the low grass
>>   and the creeping ant
>>with nothing
>>   whatever,
>>he took everything in the good city Ayodhya
>>   everything moving,
>>      everything still,
>>he took everything
>>   everything born 
>>of the lord
>>   of four faces,
>>he took them all
>>   to the very best of states"

How wonderful indeed are these poetic points & counter-points !!