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From: Desikan Narayanan (
Date: Fri Apr 25 1997 - 03:39:14 PDT

Hello everyone,

First, sorry for my irresponsible behavior of not sending a 
introductory note to this group which i have subscribed a month ago.

My name is N.Desikan, working in Chennai for HCL-Technologies( a software
company). My native place is Tiruchy, where i did my schooling and college.
My interest to Sri Vaishinavam is mainly due to my father, who from 
my childhood had told about Azhavars, temples etc.,

If U want to know about me a little more in detail please visit 
my home page ( which is fully in tamil) at

Right now i plan to visit the 108 Sri Vaishinava temples and i have completed 
some of them. For each temple i visit i write a small note on that and 
update my home page. 

My hobbies include drawings and paintings. i have updated my home page 
with few of them which include the Srirangam raja gopuram.

Thanks for reading this till the end.

- Tiruchy Desikan

email :                              Office Tel# :           +91 44 626 4206            +91 44 626 4306

Cisco Offshore Dev. Center  (HCL Technologies),J16, Third Avenue,
Anna Nagar East,Chennai(XMadras),600 102, I N D I A