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From: Jay Vijayaraghavan (jvijayaraghavan_at_VNET.IBM.COM)
Date: Tue Apr 22 1997 - 05:45:48 PDT

Dear Members,

I have been a member of the bhakti group for the past couple of months. I thank
Chi. Mani for making me a member and also Rajiv Madabhushi for introducing me
to the group.

I learnt my Shrivaishnava Sampradayamas from my mother and I am as ever in the
learning process. I am privileged be a part of the group. Though my
knowledege is limited I am enjoying every piece of information I receive from
this group and sincerely thank the contributors for the knowledge imparted.

Once again "bhaktas" thank you very much.

Daasanu Dasan,

Jayakrishna Vijayaraghavan

Jayakrishna Vijayaragahavan
SAP Consultant- IBM Corporation
Tel - 610-892-3173