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Sincerity Of Devotion Alone Matters

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Date: Sun Apr 20 1997 - 05:22:09 PDT


The following article is from The Hindu of April 19th. I wanted to share
it with all the bhakta-s on this list.


Sincerity Of Devotion Alone Matters 

Date: 19-04-1997 

Cl: Religion 

CHENNAI, April 19.

     There can be none in this world who will get tired of seeing again
and again the ocean and its rising and ebbing tides. So too is the joy
that can be experienced by witnessing the consecrated idols enshrined in
temples. No devotee will remain contented even after worshipping them
for hours, because for them, God resides in them and reveals Himself.
Every time one goes to worship the idols, one can witness His form from
a new angle and dimension. It is not necessary, as some think, that they
should be present all the time when the idols are bathed, decorated and
adored through the chanting of Mantras and the performance of rituals. 

     Even a few minutes of worship conducted by a devotee at home will
provide joy and peace. An aspirant need not feel that he has wasted his
time and thereby get disheartened. Saints and spiritual leaders conduct
worship elaborately. That they consider it as their duty, but a devotee
who has to discharge his official duties and domestic chores can devote
the time available to the worship. It is like tasting just a drop of
elixir from a spoonful. The benefits accrued is the same when one gets a
lot of its quantity or only a tiny portion. What is necessary and
expected is the sincerity of devotion. Everyone should perform worship
to the best of his ability. 

     In this connection, the Jeeyar Swami of Ahobila Math in a discourse
described how Sage Narada who was closely associated with God thought
that no one equalled him in devotion. The Lord however pointed out to
a farmer (in the world) who amidst several challenges like providing for
his huge family without much of income and troubles like the monsoon
playing truant when his crops were raised, commenced his daily
agricultural operations after seeking just for a minute, God's grace for
success in his activities. 

     The Lord then asked Narada to keep a tiny vessel brimming with oil
on his head and go around without spilling even a drop. The sage did so
but his entire attention was on the oil and not on God whereas in the
case of the farmer, his dedication was towards Him only. Likewise, a
student with all facilities, getting a rank is not surprising as
compared to his classmate who hails from poor circumstances, lacking
comforts and other amenities. 

     By his devotion, the Bhagavata Purana says, Parikshat, who was
cursed to die within a week, reached God's feet and so too another
(Khatvanga) who had just 48 minutes left for shedding his mortal coil
reaching God's kingdom through his sincere prayer. No one need regret
for having failed to do the mandatory religious duties as prescribed in
a detailed manner but display his depth of devotion before God and carry
them out as best as one can.