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Raama Navamii

From: shree (
Date: Thu Apr 17 1997 - 02:00:39 PDT


|| shrii raamaaya namaH ||

May Lord Shrii Raama's blessings always be with us!!

I want to thank Sri Sadagopan for responding to my request for the
meanings of the 108 names for Lord Raama and am looking forward to his

On the occassion of Raama Navamii I am making my first attempt at
translating a shloka regarding Raama Naama from shrii raama rakShaa
stotraM and shrii vishhNu sahsranaama, which may be quite familiar to
everyone on this list. 


raama raameti raameti rame raame manorame |
sahsranaama tattulyaM raama naama varaanane ||


(shrii mahaadevajii paarvatiijii se kahate hain - ) he sumukhi !
raamanaama vishhNusahasranaam ke tulya hai | mai.n sarvadaa 'raama,
raama, raama' isa prakaar manoram raama-naama me.n hii ramaNa karataa
huu.n |


(Lord Shankar tells Parvatii ) O fair-faced one! Uttering 'Raama' once
is equal to saying 'vishhNusahasranaam' (or any other 'name' of God a
thousand times). (That is the reason that) I am always saying 'Raama,
Raama, Raama' and meditating on the mind-pleasing(?) name 'Raama'.

Mistakes in encoding and translation are all mine, please feel free to
let me know the corrections.


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