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Sri Krishna's Nandaka Sword
Date: Mon Apr 14 1997 - 14:53:19 PDT

In a series of posts on Parthasarathi Perumal, Sri Sampath Rengi had
posted one on 4 Azhwars who represented 4 of Sri Krishna's 5 weapons
at this kshetram.  He mentioned that Sri Krishna had used 4 of His 5
weapons for which Sri Rengi had references.

The 5th weapon was the Nandaka sword which Sri Krishna used in the
final stages of the battle with Rukmi the elder brother of Rukmini
who chased Krishna after the latter had kidnapped Rukmini.  After
Krishna had made short work of Rukmi's bows and chariot with His
Saranga bow and kowmodaki gada, Sri Krishna got off His chariot to
fight the Rukmi on foot with His Nandaka sword.  Since Rukmini would
not allow Krishna to kill Rukmi and Rukmi would not surrender, Sri
Krishna used the sword to shave off Rukmi's head and mustache, which
back then was a sign of victory.