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The muslim connection

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Mon Apr 14 1997 - 07:58:53 PDT

>From: "I.K. Rengarajan" <>
>Dear venerable members:
>Speaking of the blasting sound emanating from the tall domes of the 
>mosques five a times a day, sometimes a nuisance breaking into the 
>serenity of the atmosphere and some times a pleasant reminder of our 
>spirutual chores as pointed out by Sri Sudarshan, there is an invisible 
>link between muslims and sri vaishnavas especially in the Ramathapuram 
>area in Tamilnadu.
>I don't know how many of you have noticed the fact that in many major 
>Muslim business houses, the key person would be a sri vaishnava. The 
>major muslim pockets of Kizhakarai, Ramanathapuram, Thondi etc. both 
>these groups go hand in hand despite the vast differences in the habits 
>and cultures. I know several of the muslims who would avoid doing things 
>during Raghu kalam.
>The reason quoted is that several decades ago when the muslim invaders 
>were doing their " business " among other things they gave the option of 
>"Quran" or the " dagger" and some of the sri vaishnavas chose to live as 
>muslims. I remember my uncle talking about atleast one muslim guy whose 
>grandfather was a sri vaishnava.
>All said and done, the destination is the very same for all of us 
>regardless of the route we take.

Similar connections exists in Kumbakonam also where the utsavar
pays a visit to a mosque, and of course in Sri Rangam and
Sri Ranga patnam with thulukka naaciyaar etc.. I think
there is some connection in thiruvallikENi also.

The other thing that only an expert in Quran can qualify is that:
Several statements in Quoran express some of the Visitaadvaita
concepts. Example the Supreme Soul: soul :: soul:physical body,
Thondarukku thondu etc..
That apart, in the earlier days (not now), perhaps Sri Vaishnavism was
the least rigid and compassionate of the Hindu philosophies
regarding other religions. There has been no reported massacre of
people because they did not agree with them. (There are reported
massacre of Jains by Adavitins etc..)

K. Srinivasan