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From: Rajesh Veeraraghavan (
Date: Fri Apr 11 1997 - 06:44:13 PDT


My name is Rajesh Veeraraghavan. I guess this is my first email to this
group. I am a graduate student at Clemson University. I am been following
this list for nearly an year and a half now. I never had any questions to
ask. I am enjoying the messages,and I am trying to gather bits and pieces
of the great discussions which goes on here.

Now, I have a question (which is been bothering me for some time) to
actually ask the group. A friend of mine is converting to Christianity.
And I am disturbed by it becoz of the reason he gave me. He was saying
Hinduism punishes people for what they have done and they are not tolerant
as other religions are. And I am confused with the argument. I was
wondering whether anyone of you could throw light into this. It is very
disturbing to see a friend of mine converting, becoz I think our religion
has lots to offer.

I guess the answers I am expecting is what should I do to stop my friend
converting. Or is it not my business at all.


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