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mantrA/garUda etc.-9

From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Thu Apr 10 1997 - 03:15:54 PDT

srimathE lakshmi-nrsumha parabrahmaNE namaha
sri vedanta desika guravE namaha

Dear "bhAgavatOttamA-s",

I'm just recapitulating my earlier posts in this series so far :

 (a) "mantrA-s" serve a very sophisticated "vEdi-c" purpose in our lives and
are       not to be regarded as some kind of "voodoo" incantations fetching
us        "results"
 (b)  Swami Desikan's hymns in praise of "garUda" are not merely poetic
hymns or       narratives of mythical tales but are, more significantly,
deeply mystical       echoes of 'vedic mantrA-s'(we explained this, you will
all remember, by       referring to a verse from the "gOpAla-vimshati")
 (c)  "mantrA-s", specifically the "garUda-mantrA" (as per Swami Desikan),
are        the "acoustic-keys" capable of opening the "Doors of Perception"
that       otherwise mask out the world of "VISUALITY" (in which we all
"reflexively"       live) from the great AURAL truths embedded in
'vEdic-srUti'.(We also            examined a verse from Saint
Tondar-adi-podi's "tirUmAlai" in support of         this.)

What remains now, dear "bhAgavatOttamA-s", is to critically examine Verses #
2, #3 and #51 of the "garUda-panchAshath"  and Verse # 4 of the
"garUda-dandakam" of Swami Desikan's hymns.

The substance of the above verses, as it has appealed to my feeble
understanding of the great ideas essayed in each of them, together with the
3 main points I have made in my posts so far and summarised above, will all
I think help us finally appreciate the profound lessons in the little story
narrated by my "manaseega-guru", Sri Mukkur Swamy II.

We will continue in the next few concluding posts.

srimathe srivan satagopa sri narayana yathIndra mahadesikaya namaha