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sujAthA, the thamizh writer...

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Wed Apr 02 1997 - 01:26:16 PST

Mr. SujAtha, the self styled thamizh writer has been in the bhakti net news for 
a while now. Being one of his many fans, i thought i would share some facts 
about Mr. S. Rangarajan(his original name) : This is not in any way going to 
discuss about whether it is an 'honour' or a 'dig' to compare one's style to 
his. This is intended just as an FYI: Just to let the nettors know some more
about this very interesting person.

He is a sri vaishNava born in thiruvallikkENi and lived for a few years with 
his parents in pEyAzhwAr kOil street right next to sri pArthasArathy kOil.

Then he went to srirangam (grandma's house) and had his schooling there..
He is a great sri raN^ganArthar and sri pArthasArathy bhakthar. He is highly 
knowledgeable in thamizh (the chaste, literary thamizh .. not just the 'pulp'
magazine thamizh..:-) Sri sudharshan, i am just borrowing your phrase. Its a 
pity that many think that he is just such a person. Having known him personally
i am aware of this and thought i will let others know too.. this is to be 
taken just as an FYI...I met him few months back here and was surprised on 
seeing how fluently he was quoting from the n^AlAyira dhivya prabhandham, 
kamban etc.. 

In fact 5 years back, when i knew not more than a couple of pAsurams (from
thiruppAvai and thiruppallANdu), I happened to read one of his articles in a 
magazine about his visit to Badrinath. The whole article was written in his
characteristic witty style. At the end he had quoted a pAsuram from periya 
thirumozhi on this DD (mudhugu paRRi..) which immediately attracted my
attention. It was so simple, straightforward and catchy that I loved it so 
much and wanted to read the remaining pAsurams on this dhivya dhEsam. That 
started my unending quest for the AzhwAr aruLiccheyals. 

just my 2 cents worth..