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Date: Tue Apr 01 1997 - 15:42:21 PST

Dear Sri sudarshan, 

 I am glad about your  note to Sri Rengarajan which was posted to the list. 
Just to let you know  Sri Sujatha alias Sri Ranganathan is a true Srirangam
Vaasi and is one of the exceptional Tamil writers, won many awards and may not
be considered as some 'Kumudam' writer. In some of his stories like 'Srirangathu
 Azhagigal'   and some more (i dont remember the names ) he has added the flavor
of sri vaishnava life style in srirangam. Though It is not a great service to
Sri Vaishnavism, but to me it didn't hurt. I relish that since I grew up in
Triplicane, Madras. 
               There was a movie released in 1994 (again dont know name may be
Mahanadi) in which the dialogue written by Sujatha has a story the villain is
tricking the hero and one of them dies screaming Lakshmana. To me it sounded
like Marichan while about to die was screaming Lakshmana in order to distract
Lakshmana's attention and you know the rest. 
There is a song in the same movie which is like 'SRI RANGA RANGA NATHANIN 
All this is courtesy of Sujatha....  
  Also I am NOT  a very great fan of Sujatha, but have read many of his novels
and critically analysed.  I will post my feelings about Sri Mukkur Swami's story
you wrote  to  the List.  I t  was very nice and I enjoyed.