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Re: Badri's comments

Date: Tue Apr 30 1996 - 15:57:22 PDT

Badri writes in his epilogue:

*** However, I am not willing to become a "blind" follower
*** even if that is the only way to attain knowledge. I will
*** try to be as humble as possible but will continue to
*** question the beliefs and accept them only if I find a
*** satisfactory answer.

I can very well understand that  view. I myself find it hard, with all
my "scientific" training, to  accept anything blindly. There are those
with the same scientific training (if not better) who view religion
completely differently. For example, the Nobel Laureate CV Raman was
once to have gone home to  bathe during a Surya Grahanam. When asked how
this was in accord with his scientific training, he replied
(paraphrased), "Science is science, and religion is religion." Perhaps
some can make fun and laugh at him, but he has one Nobel Prize more
than most of us. 

*** If you so desire, I will stop making further comments
*** that could be of controversial nature, in this forum and
*** look elsewhere for the answers.

For what it is worth, I think that would be a mistake. I think
*respectful* questioning of our shastras is always to be encouraged,
and feel that a healthy diagalogue is always in the best interest of
philosophical inquiry.