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Protocol Vs Content

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Tue Apr 30 1996 - 14:20:27 PDT

	There seems to be a big HOT discussion going on about youngsters'
	postings, their respect to the elders in this list, etc..  I fully
	accept that we need to give due regard to elders, achaaryaas..It is good
	if we come to a certain level of awareness on protocols of posting
	in the net.
		     Apart from these, in Mani's reply to Sri. Anbil's
	posting, he has pointed out certain changes that needs to be done in
	the original posting. Nobody seems to be talking about the 'content'
	of the posting. The basic idea of such a mailing list is to exchange
	*true* information from different sources and if his reply augments
	the 'true'ness of the information, isn't this something good? 
	Bhakthaas like Sri. Anbil are so knowledgeable and highly learned
	and hence the less initiated souls of the list ( his terminology) 
	take it in its face value. So people like him have even more
	responsibility in sharing some info. If at all he has overlooked
	something, people are going to form an incorrect opinion which could
	be avoided by pointing out ( of course, with all due respects) and
	if possible correcting them. If the correction provided is true,
	then i think Sri. Anbil himself would support it. 

  (Vijay Triplicane)