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Re: The role of enquiry

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Apr 30 1996 - 12:58:50 PDT

On Apr 30,  2:36pm, V SUNDAR wrote:
> Subject: The role of enquiry
> A continuing thread of contention in this forum has been the value of
> "book learning" versus "elders" - I use this term in quotes to connote the
> complete value of the gurupaarampareeya behind this word, and the full force
> of tradition.
> I will agree with many posters that it is an Indian and a Vedantic tradition
> learn at the Guru's feet, and to venerate him - or her.
> I do not know if it is possible to say this without any judgement attached.

For any *Judgement* on whether the vedantic tradition is valid or not or
on posts from persons such as Sri Ramaswamy's
this 'learning' at guru's feet is a prerequisite. And since this
qualification is lacking, any other judgement based on one's
self acquired knowledge that is void of 'guru paarampariya
learning' is mere  self defeating excercise in the *long run*.

> Belittling such individual effort as innately wrong and book learning as
> inherently flawed, in my opinion, cannot do much for us as a community.

If one's opinion or effort is to belittle our
srivishnavaa achaaryaas or what they said, or
their disciples in this forum or elsewhere,
it itself is a disservice to the community and sriman naaraayanaa
and then one is bound to get some tough replies back.
But no one has belittled one for asking
queries that are simply ignorant and that doesnot in any way
offend our achaaryaaLS or *what they said*.

> I do think it is possible for us to come together and accomodate the
> harshest of enquiries - or this would not be a tradition that has survived
> this far. Pronouncements ex-cathedra ( this is so because an acharya has
> said it is so ) by their nature , lay themselves open to inquiry. If
> enquiry cannot be accomodated, then, the spirit of this forum is set at
> naught.

If this enquiry is made without belittling
our achaaryaaLS or what they said
then there was no reason as
to why it cannot be accomadated. However even
when it is of somewhat  belittling
nature this enquiry can be made through personal mails
and proper reasons and explanations for the differences.

Mainly when ahcaaryaaLS gurupaarampariyam is discussed,
one cannot claim that *I have not heard*
so, *Historians* said so etc. One has not
heard so beacuse they didnot hear it from the achaaryaaLS.
Attempting to justify one's ignorance on achaaryaaLS
avathaara rahasyam or the inner meanings of their preaching
is bound to get some tough replies, only to indicate the individuals
in someway that what they are upto.
This is not a threat but a mere
truth. ie bagwath apachaaram.
In case not known earlier I would like to note here that
Of the 12 bagwath apachaarams the inquiry (with wrong and
disrespectful notion and intent)
into achaaryaaLS avathaara rahasyam is top on the list.

If it hurts the achaaryaaLS it hurts their sishyaaLS too.
The better way to enquire in such
situation is by asking in personal mails with proper
explanation on one's ignorance or by asking the same
question without any disrespect for achaaryaaLs and their path.

> As a representative of my generation, I will ask the 'elders' on this net :

I am not even sure if one can claim this.
One is probably one of those several
1000 representatives. If we are in the
stage of making enquiry only, then let us not make
*advise* for others especially in a forum
of many learned members. (like the
"muththuk kuliyal"). It is similar to altering the
 path of the achaaryaaLS.
We donot have to
tell one that there is something out
there (with achaaryaaLS that one need
to definetely learn). But on a compassionate
feeling for a fellow netter  we do tell
the availablilty of some of these
paths. We do see the mode
of enquiry as a progressive learning and
that we feel one can benefit more
at the feet of achaaryaaLS prior to attempting to
engage in futile arguments that would belittle simply the
achaaryaaLS and *what they said*. If one can take it
positively it is good for one.

Finally, whether one is siriyavan or periyavan,
(eg. durvaasa munivar and ambarish)
once achaarya apachaaram is committed
the only way is to seek forgiveness from the achaaryaaLS
themselves, atleast by maanaseekam.