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Re: Badri's comments
Date: Tue Apr 30 1996 - 16:05:31 PDT

With respect to Badri's comments on what will happen to mere jivatmas
if all Acharyas claimed to be Nitya Suris, I wish to submit the

Swami Desikar states in the RTS that every jivatma is meant to be a
prince like the Kaustubha gem, and that he (it should be a better
word) has forgotten this relationship due to evil desires and

When a Jivatma attains mukti, it too engages in the eternal service
of Narayana.  Example Sudarshana Chakra is a jivatma and a Nitya
Suri and Narayana's most powerful weapon.  But where does Sudarshana
Chakra get His powers from?  From Nrsimha who eternally abides in
Sudarshana's body and whose energy is seen by the rest of the world
as the energy of Sudarshana Chakra.

Similarly any jivatma that is surrendered totally to Sriman Narayana
will be used by Sriman Narayana to fulfil His purposes and if the
need arises Sriman Narayana will make that jivatma very powerful.
But the jivatma is aware that it is Sriman Narayana that is using the
jivatma for His own purposes and therefore does not become proud.
This is the state of perfection.

One need not bemoan what will become of us if all acharyas are
claimed as amsas of Narayana.  When we surrender we too will become
amsas of Sriman Narayana and will enjoy bliss serving Him.