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(Fwd) Re: Biographies of Sri Ramanuja

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Apr 30 1996 - 07:23:32 PDT

On Apr 29,  4:38pm, Mani Varadarajan wrote:
> Subject: Re: Biographies of Sri Ramanuja
> Sampath Rengarajan writes:
> * A saints life is full of events every day and historians
> * write or track only a few as they see it important in
> * their context. A prophet's life is
> * full of events every second (1/60 th of a minute).
> * Sri Ramanujaas life ...
> So now Ramanuja is a prophet? I wonder when Mutt
> Infallibility will be declared and the Inquisition
> started ... ;-)
> Mani
>-- End of excerpt from Mani Varadarajan

Dear Mani,

Your comments are good joke, though they are taken out of context and
*very* reactionary as similar to such sevral past instances from you.
The  exhibition of inconsistancy by young persons in this
group are not new to me or
several learned members of the group. It only shows that they
are growing in their *interest* (not faith, because faith comes
later only)
and we welcome it. On the other hand,
If one may want to read between some lines and make their own please go
ahead and do so. I never meant to say that Sri Ramanuja was a mere prophet.
As per western norm Prophets are messengers of god.
Swami Desikan considered Balarama
as one of the top ten avathaaraa, popularly known as dasaavathaara, though
balarama is the incarnation of adisesha as similar to Sri Ramaanuja.
If you have forgotten this, you must read Swami Desikan's works fully
again before you even comment on it. It is also the western position that
anyone who had launched a religion is known as a prophet. But Sri
Raamanuja expanded our aazhwaars thamizh vEdam and re-empahsised
Sri Vishitaaddvaitham. There is a hidden message
in this (in my original post), and
I am sure it didnot get to *your* perception at present.
(it is my belief that it is very applicable to the
state of confusion expressed by young persons).
But few puNNiyavaans already understood it and replied
by private mail to me, their appreciation
of the same. I pray to the Lord that someday
everyone should be put on the correct path and made to
understand these messages.

Being more exposed to the Wetern society and *thinking*
on the western standards on apparent *equality*,
I understand one's sentiments to appease all
the minorities and outsiders while atleast paying *some*
limited attention to respecting our achaaryaaLs. Mere book
reading whatever book one  may have done so far would only develop their
"Inquisition", and one will need an achaaryaaLs sEvai to respect elders
and the vaibavams of poorvaachaaryaaLS, prior to seeking information or
criticising them *as above* about them (elders here means achaaryaaLS).
 No matter what historians (in saying historians I donot
mean Prof Vasudevan, or Sri KS, as I do respect
them as  fellow srivaishnavaas)
will write on poorvaachaaryaaLS,
mere reading and commenting and inquisition without a faith and
devotion on what poorvaachaaryaaLS preach, will lead
one to the state of confusion shown as above in your comment.

My message was written for *many* who are *not confused*
but are hoping to learn from this. Many wrote saying that they got
*new* material *each time* from this and several other posts and that
tears rolled down their eyes (for many)
(expression of real inner sentiments as per both
eastern and western standards) and that their faith was strengthened more
due to my posts. while most of such credits goto
Sriman Naarayanaa only In a way some of these credits go to you
also because you run this cyber village that we all treat as an
inherited property. And I thank you and others for
all the positive remarks I have received so far on this.