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Part II Acharyas-Section 3.6 to 3.12
Date: Sat Apr 27 1996 - 05:56:19 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,
Please find enclosed Part II  Section 3.6-3.12 on Acharyas. I have posted
earlier  Part I- Section 2.5 (1) on Nammalwar to be followed by 2.5
(2).Kindly inform me by privte mail any corrections you may find necessary.
Anbil Ramaswamy
Part II Acharyas - Section 3.6 -3.12

3. 6.   Embar
He was a cousin of Ramanuja. His earlier name was Govinda. He studied under
Yadava prakasa along with Ramanuja. It is he who rescued Ramanuja from the
plot , the Guru Yadavaprakasa hatched to kill Ramanuja. Subsequently, as he
was taking bath in a river, a Sivalinga (an icon in the phallic form of Siva
) mysteriously landed on his palm. He became a Saivite for a while. Later, on
the advice of his uncle, Tirumalai Nambi and Ramanuja he returned to
Vaishnavism and closely followed Ramanuja in all his itineraries assuming the
name of ' Embar'.

3. 7. Parasara Bhattar
He was the son of Kurathalwan. His Acharya was Embar. He learned the Sastras
so well that he came to be called a 'walking university'. His works include
his commentary on Vishnu Sahasra Nama Bashya ( 1,000 names of Vishnu ) also
known as 'Bhagavad Guna Darpanam', Rangaraja Stava, Ranganatha Ashyaka, Sri
Guna ratna Kosam, Kriya Deepam, Ashta Sloki, Satusloki, Dvisloki, Tanisloki

While he was a kid, a haughty Advaita exponent by name 'Vidvad Jana Kolahala
Punditha'    was being carried on a palanquin to engage in a debate with
Ramanuja. The boy stopped him on the way. Holding a handful of sand in his
closed fist, he asked the Punditha how much of sand was there in his palm.
The Punditha was nonplussed and asked how could anyone count the sands.
Parasara retorted saying that if he could not answer that it was just a
'fistful' how did he propose to win an argument with the great Ramanuja. The
Punditha praised the boy, his father Kuresa and his Acharya, Embar. The
Punditha subsequently became the disciple of Parasara assuming the name of  '
Per Arulala Perumal Emperumanar'

3. 8.  Nanjeeyar
He was the disciple of Parasara Bhattar who won him over in an argument. He
entered Sannyas assuming the name 'Nam Jeeyar'. He wrote the famous 9,000
padi commentary of Tiruvoimozhi. His other works include the 2,000 padi
commentary of Tiruppaavai, Tiruvantadhis, Kanninun Siruthambu, Tirup
pallaandu, 108 explanations of  Rahasya Traya, commentary on Saranagathi
Gadhyam, Srisukta Bashyam etc.

3.  9.  Nam Pillai
His original name was Varadarajar. He was a confidant and disciple of
Namjeeyar who gave him the name of  ' Tiruk Kali Kanri Dasar'. Kantadai
Thozhappar called him' Lokacharya'- 
'the universal preceptor'.Vaatsya Varadaachaarya wrote Tattvasaara,Tattva
Nirnaya, Prapanna Paarijaatha,and Prameyamaala. It is Nampillai who dictated
for transcription to one  ' Vadakku Tiru Veedhi Pillai' his commentary on
Tiruvoimozhi  hailed as 'Eedu' or 36,000 padi considered to be the best
commentary on Tiruvoimozhi.

Another disciple of Nampillai was the famous 'Periya Vachan Pillai' who wrote
extensive explanations to all the 4,000 hymns of Divya Prabandam and was
renowned as the 'Vyakhyana Chakravarti'- Emperor among commentators'. With
the blessings of Nampillai, he wrote also the 24,000 padi commentary on
Tiruvoimozhi. His works include Tanisloki, Prabanda Rahasyam, Manicka maalai,
Navaratna maalai, Sakala Pramaana Taatparyam, Abhaya Pradaana vyaakhyaanam,
Charama Rahasyam, Anusandhana Rahasyam, Niyamanappadi  besides commentaries
on Jitante Stotra,Ramanuja's Gadhyatraya,  Chatusloki etc.

3. 10.  Pillai Lokacharya
He was the foremost Acharya of the Tenkalai branch of Srivaishnavas. He
worked with the great Vedanta Desika in rescuing the idol of Lord Ranganatha
during the raids by the muslim predator, Malik Kafur. The most important of
his works are Mumukshuppadi, Sri Vachana Bushanam, Sara Sangraha,
Sriyahpathip padi, Prabhandhap padi,Yaadrichikap
padi,Tattvatrayam,Arthapanchakam and other Rahasya granthas.
His younger brother, Azhagiya Manavala Perumal Nayanar wrote Acharya Hridayam
as per the advice of Pillai Lokacharya.

3. 11.  Aadhi Van Satakopa
His original name was Kidambi Srinivasachariar. He was born at
Tirunarayanapuram.( in Karnataka). When he was a student, Lord Narasimha of
Ahobilam ( in Andhra Pradesh) beckoned him to come to Ahobilam. Initiated
 into Sannyas, he assumed the name of Aadhi Van Satakopa Jeeyar. Malola
Narasimha came into his hands on his own and bade him to travel throught the
country, establish branches of the Ahobila Mutt everywhere. He and his
successors have been doing this successfully over the centuries.

3.  12. Manavala Mamunigal ( Aippasi - Moolam )
He got his Sannyas from Aadhi van Satakopa  jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt. He was a
great Acharya of the southern branch of Srivaishnavas. He was also known as
Yateendra Pravanar and Periya Jeeyar. He left his native Alwar Tirunagar and
moved to Srirangam for delivering religious discourses. He wrote several
works including commentaries on Sri Vachana Bushanam and Acharya Hridayam.