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Emberumaanaar Thiru Nakshathram

From: Sridhar Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Apr 23 1996 - 22:13:32 PDT

It is quite difficult to find words that can adequately express and extol
Emberumaanaar's vaibhavam and his seemingly infinite grace bequeathed to us
through the subsequent lineage of Acharyas.  The uniqueness of his
philosophical interpretations and his kindness towards all of creation is
matched only by his incredible ability to extend the umbrella of his
perception of SrimannarayaNa as sakala kalyaaNa guNa paripoorNa to even the
lowliest (an oxymoronish statement considering that Emberumaanaar love of
NarayaNa was exceeded only by his love to liberate all of creation from its
bondage with Samsaara - He could only see the divinity in all living
entities) of beings.  

Thiruvarangathu Amudhanaar in Ramanuja Nuthandadi (41st paattu) says, 

MaNmisai yonigal thorum pirandu
Yengal maadhavane kaNNura niRkilum kaaNahilla
UlahorgaLellam aNNali Ramanusan vandhu thonriyavappozhude
naNNaru gnyanam thalaikkonDu naaraNaRku aayinare

Very many earth-bound Yonigal(creatures) that took form did not notice it
even when (Yengal maadhavane kaNNura niRkilum) our own Madhava stood in front
of them (through his different Avatharams).  It needed the superior intellect
and grace of Emberumaanaar (aNNali Ramanusan) who could interpret true
gnayanam with clarity and liberate all of humanity (ulahorgaLellam) so that
they could be
claimed by Sriman NarayaNa.

(my translation is quite shaky (sic); I request learned prapannas to pardon
and correct any errors)

In 43rd pattu, Thiru Arangathu amudhanaar goes on to asseverate that
emberumaanaar's name itself (Ramaanusa enru sollumine) is sufficient to
break the stangle-hold effect of kali dharmam (or the lack of it:-)) thus:

surakkum thiruvum uNarvum 
solappuhil vaay amudham parakkum 
iru vinai paththaravodum 
uraikkinRanan umakku yaan
aram seer murukaliyai thurakkum perumai
Raamaanusa enru sollumine

surakkum thiruvum uNarvum : veritable fountainhead of knowledge and
solappuhil vaay amudham parakkum : just saying it would engender nectar-like
iru vinai paththaravodum : karmic bondage would vanish
padiyiluLLeer : those of you desirous of liberation

Aazhvaar Emberumaanaar jeeyar thiruvadigaLe sharaNam