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Importance of number 32
Date: Tue Apr 23 1996 - 16:21:37 PDT

Sri Sadagopan had broached this subject last year.  I am not sure if
this point was brought across or not.  The subject was why was the
number 32 so important to Vedanta Desikar as well as other Acharyas?
 There are 32 ways of reaching God as well as 32 obstacles on the
path of reaching God.  If one overcomes all 32 obstacles on the path
of obtaining Paramapadam, one is considered to have attained Moksha.

The chief obstacle is Bhagavan's will to punish the baddha jivatma
for wrong doing.  If this obstacle is overcome by either Bhakti Yoga
or Prapatti, the other 31 are overcome relatively rapidly.