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From: Jagannathan Shrikanth (
Date: Mon Apr 22 1996 - 09:06:40 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,

Hello! I am a new member to this list.

My name is Jagannathan Shrikanth. I am a graduate student in Math at Johns
Hopkins Univ. Baltimore.

I had a fairly religious childhood, though it was more blind belief. That
combined with the usual western style of education produced agnosticism
for a while. Fortunately, I became interested again in learning more
about our religion.

Right now my interests are mainly in Sri Vaishnava philosophy. However,
of course just philosophy leads nowhere without devotion and practice.
Even a cursory persual of the archives of this group is enough to
convince one that one can learn a lot here. Looking forward to a great
learning experience.