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Re: Mani - Who is Uncomparable and was churned out of Ocean already

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Apr 18 1996 - 12:50:52 PDT

Swami Desikan is considered as the avathaarams of thirumani of Lord
Venkatachalapathy by some. He propagated SriVaishnavam loud and clear similar
to the sound of a temple bell.

Swami Desikan is considered as Vishnu amsam , a revisit of kaushthuba mani
(first as kulasEkara aazhwaar) and now as Swami Desikan. Kuashthuba mani  bears
the reflection of Garudan all the time and Swami Desikan first sought the
initiation by Sri Garudaazhwaar. It is narrated in Swami Desikan's life history
that when he visited Thirumalai he stood on the kulasEkarap padi and  his eyes
watered down with aananthak kaNNeer.

Swami Desikan is considered as avathaaram of Lord VenkatEswara HIMself by some
due to his birth day and birth star ie purattaasi sravaNam. He declares in his
songs himself as venkatEsa kavi and one of his birth name is also same.
(similar to the belief that avathaaram of thiruk kaNNapuram perumal as
requested by thirumangai was periya vaachchaan pillai who was also very
exemplery in 4000 vyaakyaaNams)

Swami Desikan is considered as revisit of Sri Rama avathaaram as per his
horoscope (refer to his 700 centinary celebrations release). ie the revisit of
veda purushan and purshOthaman Sri Raman. Swami desikan was so  exemplary both
in his conduct as a veda purushan and also in his knowledge on vedaantham that
lead him to be named as vEdaantha dEsikar.

Swami Desikan is considerd as revisit of Sri Bashyakaarar by some, who was the
avathaaram of Sri Adi sEshaa. Adi sEsha's body has the vedic constitution and
that no one could have delivered the *real* meanings of vedaa other than adi
sEsha himself. Since Swami dEsikan also was similar to this, in his
understanding and deliverances on vedic interpretations, and that he was the
sole reason for Sri Raamanuja sidhdhaantham to be strengthened with his
deliverances, some consider this way.

Swami dEsikan's achievements are uncomparable and no *single* person has
delivered so many granthaas in this boolOgam as such.

On the whole, he is vishnu amsam and a composite of all these features of Lord

Swami Desikan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampth Rengarajan