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Mani - Who is Uncomparable and was churned out of Ocean already

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Apr 18 1996 - 08:41:47 PDT

All the gems that are available in the universe
are not comparable to the rathanam or gem known
as kushthubam that was churned out of the
ocean thirup paaRkadal and that this gem occupied
the thiru maarbu or chest of the Lord Vishnu.
(we donot have to deep dive into any ocean
to seek the gem; the gem is already provided to
us in the form of Swami Desikan who is the
incarnation of this gem known as Kausthuba
mani !)

All the puNNIya kshEthrankaL are not a match for
"kaanchi" where our pEraruLaaLan stands with his
infinite grace pouring as rains from the clouds
that are his infinite mercy. Those vedams smruthi
and puraanams that were revealed to us with pure
hearts by the rishis, are not even any match and
cannot be compared to our achaaryaas such as
Nammaazhwaar's, shukthi. Hence the qualitative
comparisons of all the available vasthus (vasthu
here means any object ie "nagar" or town, "gem",
and "knowledge" through holy literature) are
declared here in this rahasyam and those that are
prominently claimed here as uncomparable are to
be sought as a heriditary property kept for us by our

kaasiniyin maNiyanaiththuNG kaayaa vaNNan
kadaintheduththa kavuth thuvaththin seermaik kovvaa
kaasimutha laakiya nan nagari yellaaNG
kaarmEni yarauLaaLar kachchik kovvaa
maasin manan theLi munivar vaguththa vellaa
maalugantha vaasiriyar vaarththaik kovvaa
vaasiyaRin thivai yuraiththOm vaiyath
thuLLeer vaippaaka vivai koNdu maghizhmi neerE

			Amrutha swaathini by Swami

This paasuram not only suggests that when we have the
heriditary property the uncomparable gem (ie Kaushthuba
Mani as Swami Desikan and its radiance are his
paasurams) we donot have to deep dive to get the gem
out of the ocean (as suggested by our friend) but also
declares that nammaazhwaar's paasruams are more than all
the vedams, shruthis, and puraaNams put together.
The word 'saakiyap pEygaL' has a very deep meaning than
what it looks outwardly and hence it is requested that
one would want to examine such before quoting these.
As an aside It is a similar reason that we also adore
our Sri Mani, who was the reason for this net that we
are all using as our "wholly" inherited property
and share those information on those "holy" inherited

Kuasthuba mani avathaaram Swami Desikan thirvadikaLe SaraNam
Namaazhwaar thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri peruntheVi Sri pEraruLaaLan thiruvadikaLE saraNam

Sampath Rengarajan