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Guidelines for posting to the Bhakti list

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Mon Apr 15 1996 - 12:35:13 PDT

Please follow these guidelines when posting to the
Bhakti mailing list.  These are designed to make
life easier for the readers, as well as to ensure
that your posting will be given due attention by
the membership.


1) Please doublecheck your spelling, punctuation, and
   grammar.  I am seeing posts that are atrocious in 
   these respects, making the post virtually unreadable.

2) Please break your text into paragraphs often, 
   i.e., separate your text with carriage returns.
   Several writers do not follow this good habit.

3) Please send TEXT only -- no binaries, images,
   Postscript, etc. If at all possible, DO NOT
   compose your text in a word processor and then
   convert to ASCII. It makes the resulting text
   *very* hard to read.

4) Keep your posts restricted to a few screens
   at most.  Be compassionate on those people who 
   have low bandwidth links and who pay for email 
   access by the character. 

   I guarantee that this will also increase the 
   readership of your posts.


1) Please be judicious in deciding what is personal
   email and what is not.  Some discussions are best
   left to private email.

2) Belittling others or others' opinions is not a good
   idea. However, healthy and friendly dialogue is 
   desired and encouraged.

3) Please be careful to limit the amount of references 
   to oneself and one's accomplishments in the email,
   as this may be misperceived by others on the list.

namo narayanaya,