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Sri Ramanuja& Rajasthan/Gujerat-- Part 2

From: V. Sadagopan (75041.3037_at_CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sun Apr 14 1996 - 18:49:38 PDT

In her Bahjan, "Kunjan Bana Chhaadi", Meera cries out 
in desperation in  atone similar to AndAL this way:
"If only I were a fish, I would touch your
feet as you bathe in Yamuna.If I were a nightinale, 
I would sing swetly ,when You roam in the forest 
grazing the cattle. If I were  apearl, I would sparkle
in your chest region as a part of your necklace. I am 
unfortunately not any one of those; How am I going to 
get near You? Where am I going to seek for You?"

In the Bhajan "Pyare Dharsan", she begs during her 
Viraha Taapa for Govardhan Giridhari to appear  before 
her and  submits that she is HIS BOND-SLAVE FOR 
ENDLESS BIRTHS. AndAL states her eternal servitude
to the Lord of Brindhavan in the verses of Thiruppavai:

In her PadaavaLi (pada 77) ,she says " I am mad for Your
Love. I have surrendered to You. I do not know of any other way."
Like in Nacchiyaar Thirumozhi , "Nooru Naarum Pozhil " ,
where AndAL invites the Lord of Thirumalirum Cholai 
to partake  a feast of butter and Akkaravadisil spread out
in hundred vases , Meera offers a  Raja Bhogam  to her Lord.
The only difference between Meera and AndAL is that 
Meera offers Krishna in heer Pada "Yeh Jeebhyaam Giridarlaala ",
the Lord to rush to her palace and taste the royal feast prepared 
lovingly for Him(Pada 47).

As in the last decade of N.T of AndAL, Meera celebrates
Krishna in her famous bhajan " Baso More" as the light of her 
life. She invites Krishna to come and live within her eyes. He
agrees and she describes her delectable experience here.
She sings of His ravishing form , the lustre of His Peethaambharam,
His resplendent jewels and of the divine music that 
flows from His flute. This experience of the Lord of Brindhaavanam 
is identical to the experience of AndAL in her last decade of N.T,
where she describes her Darsanam of the Subhaasrayam
(Thirumeni ) of the divine cowherd with cloud-like hue playing with
His friends and entertaining them with His enchanting Venu Gaanam.

I offer my salutations to the Paramaacharyaa of 
Sri Perumpudhur for unifying the land through His 
teachings and creating Sri Vaishnava Communities 
in all corners of the globe today.

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari sadagopan