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Madhura Kavi-Part 3

From: V. Sadagopan (75041.3037_at_CompuServe.COM)
Date: Sun Apr 14 1996 - 17:42:18 PDT

In the seventh verse,  Madhura Kavi reveals 
that his Sire SatakOpa accepted him as his
disciple and through his compassion destroyed 
all of his sins instantly.He aysthat he will therefore in full 
gratitude sing about hymns for the denizens of eight 
directions to receive the same boon (removal of 
Anaadhi Karmas)  that he has been
fortunate to receive .

In the eight verse, Madhura Kavi says that his sire
out of compassion for the suffering  citizens of 
the world revealed  the occult meaning of the Vedas in a
language that they can understand. Such an action 
arose from his  Sire's love of God and that led him 
to sing the 1102 pasurams for the benefit of mankind.

In the ninth verse, Madhura Kavi in a grateful mood
states that the humble and single-minded service 
to his Sire is the only way to thank him  adequately 
for his magnanimous good deed. His
upakaaram has resulted in him(Madhura Kavi) fixing firmly
 in his mind the (esoteric) meanings of the Arya Vedas.

In the tenth verse, Madhura Kavi proclaims his great 
devotion to the holy feet of SatakOpa. He states that 
his sire has  nothing to gain thru his selfless efforts 
to help him and others , who are not easy to help and yet
out of his great compassion, SatakOpa has trained 
us to be become fitting prapannas and thus saved us 
thru revelation of the meanings of the Vedas in his 
Divine Pasurams.

In the Pala Sruthi pasuram (the eleventh  one), Madhura 
Kavi reveals that SatakOpa is " Anban Tannai Adainthavarkkellam
Anban". He states that his Sire as a perfect Acharya is 
devoted to one and all, who sought the feet  of  Sriman Narayana
as refuge(saranagathi). He concludes his salutation to 
SatakOpa with the decalaration that the songs by this true  devotee of 
SatakOpa will lead the reciter to Sri Vaikuntam without fail , when 
they understand the meaning of Acharya Bhakthi housed in these
eleven verses. 

Sri Vedantha Desikan has distilled the essence of the 
Madhura Kavi"s life experience and   message in 
his inimitable fashion in one of the Tamil verses of 
Rahasyatrayasaram starting with the words:
"Inbatthil Irainjuthalilisaiyum pErril----
Dr.V.K.S.N. Raghavan, the current President of 
Sri Visishtaadvaita Pracharini Sabha has translated
excellently the meaning of the above verse of 
Swami Desikan this way and  adds his commentary:
" It is held by Vedanta Desika that Madhura Kavi ,free from
sin, misery or faults, has shown an ancient way (well-trodden
path)for those, who intensively search the good; Madhura Kavi 
shows this ancient path, ACHARYA BHAKTHI (earnest devotion 
to one's perceptor) having resorted to the holy feet of 
Saint SatakOpa, who has rendered in Tamil , the rare and
invaluble serene secrets (esoteric tenets) of the Vedas. 
Madhura Kavi shows sucha  path even while there is 
Lord Krishna ,still alive ,the almighty who descends 
to this mortal world for securing the welfare of His votaries.
The ten important characterestrics Of SatakOpa 
(as revealed by Madhura Kavi) are: 

(1) He is more delicious than Krishna (2) The adoration of 
him is more fruitful than that of the Lord(3) The enjoyment of
bliss obtained thru Saint SatakOpa is unique (4) It is very 
proper to consider SatakOpa as our kith and kin (5) He is 
able in an abundant measure to retreive us from material
attachments (6) He makes us supremely devoted to Sriman
Narayana (7) He wards off all of our sins (8) He showers his 
supreme grace on us so that we are surely the object of 
our Lord's grace (9) His instructions make us understand the 
real truth precisely and (10) Saint SatakOpa makes us realize 
our self( as essentially dependent on the LOrd).Such is the 
unique greatness of SatakOpa that surpasses even
the Lord's greatness ."

Madhura Kavi Azhwaar Thiruvadigaleh Saranam

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan