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Sthala Puranams

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Apr 08 1996 - 12:26:09 PDT

Sri Mukund Srinivasan expressed his 
interest in collecting Sthala Puranams.
I welcome this idea.
His collection of information will be timely 
to add to the Sthala Puranam Data Base 
that is building slowly for the 108 DD  CD ROM
Project. Sri Dileepan has  advised me that 
this is  a weak area and we need additional 
inputs to add to the excellent ones that Sri S.Rengarajan 
has provided sofar on (1) Srirangam (2) Oppilappan Koil
(3)Nacchiyaar Koil and (4) Sholingar . We have 104 more to go!

Few  years ago, I wrote a number of articles to my family on this
subject . The ones that I can retreive and adapt as Sthala Puranam
as well as Summary of Mangalaasasanam by Azhwaars are:
1. Therazhundhur 2. Thirupullani 3. ThiruallikeNi 
4.Thirukkudanthai (5) ThirukkaNNamangai (6) Sri Vidya Rajagopalan
of Raja Mannargudi referred to By Sri M.Srinivasan (7) Thiruvenkatam
(8) Srivilliputtur (9 ) Thiru IndaLoor (10) others that i covered in 
my 108 Divya Desa Mahimai Manuscript. That manuscript is 
stuck in Madras with my sister and anyone going to Madras
can help to get it back here. It has 400 plus pages and it may be 
better to transport it personally. .

Recently, Sri Govindarajan of Canada has sent me his Acharya"s 
rendering of the Sthala Puranam of ThiruveLLarai in Tamil .It is 
excellenetly written and I will translate the essence of it into English for the

CD ROM Project. Perhaps Sri Anbil Ramaswamy can write one on the 
Anbil temple. Others  can write on their own Sthalams such as Sri Badri on
Thirunagai .
It will be wonderful to accelerate the process to give support to
Sri Dileepan"s enormous effort sofar. If we have acces to 
source litrature, It willsave us additional effort. 
I would also like to suggest that we resolve to push this 
project forward with all of our collective effort and ask for 
Divya Dampathi"s blessings to conclude it this Year . If it gets 
too demanding to get the work completed on all the 108 
Divya Desams, we should reserve the option to concentrate on
the 40 temples of Chola Desam as the First CD and maximize our 
efforts on that aspect.
I would welcome suggestions on these ideas and volunteering to
move this project forward.

P.S; I have the long playing record of 
Sri Seshagopalan"s rendering of the  Saveri
piece of Sri Mutthuswami Dikshitar. It has  all
the sthala Puranam inside that krithi .