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Bhakta Ramadas& His Bhakti/Music legacy: Part 2

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Apr 07 1996 - 06:36:38 PDT

The Bhagavad anubhavam of Bhadrachala Ramadas
poured forth from his heart and lips in the form of many krithis and
Divyanamas. They are mostly in Telugu  with the exception 
of two in Sanskrit. The simple language used for these 
Bhakti-laden songs captured the minds of paamaraas and
Pandithaas .

Professor P.Sambhamoorthy, the great musicologst has  
classified Ramadas krithis into three categories:

1.Those composed before his incarceration
2.Those composed during his incarceration
3.Songs composed after his release

He can be outspoken in his conversations with Rama
like Thirumangai in his Madals .Saint Thyagaraja adopted 
this style in his anubhavam of Sri Rama. The song "Ishvaku
Kula Tilaka" referred to by Rajiv is an example of such a mood.
Another example of this type of plain talk is provided in his
Kambhoji krithi ,"Adarana Leni ": 

Ennaga Sabari Yengili Bhakshanamu
Chesinathi Vyabichari Nivu
Ninnu Nammagarraadu ! Ninnu Daiva
Manaraadu ! Nijamu na mata Devuda ".

At other times, he will beg tenderly for Rama to appear 
before him(Ramararaa Sita --Anandhabhairavi) ,
Oh Rama Ni Nama Memi Ruchira --Purvikalyani). He will
say in one Krithi , "Takkuvemi Manaku (Surykaantam Ragam )"
and explain: "What do we need, When Rama is at our side? "
in a mood of Maha Viswasam, an anga of Saranagathi.

Elsewhere, he will appeal to Sita Devi to come to his rescue 
and speak to Her Lord  as an expression of Her Purushakaaram.
Two such songs are Ramachandrulu Naapai(Asaaveri) and
Nanu Brovamani Cheppaveh (Kalyani). Sri Balamurali"s soulful
rendering of these two Krithis in a 1977 recording are moving.
He begs Sita Devi this way: " O Mother, My mother! When You are alone 
with your Lord and my Father after the day"s events, Please
speak to him on my behalf and create a compassionate mood in Him.
 Please Remind Him of my sufferings and and ask Him to cast
His merciful glances at me. Thru another Krithi , he will experience 
Karpanyam (another anga of Saranagathi) and will say "I do not know
in which way you are going to come to my rescue. O Paramatma! 
How can I succeed in swimming in these Samsaric Ocean without 
your help? (Ea Theeruga Nanu Daya Choochedavo -Mayamalava Gowlam ).
Using Madhyamavati ragam, he will cry his heart out for the protection
by Rama (Pahi rama Prabho )>.

Examples of some other Krithis reflecting his moods of Bhakthi
(Sanchaari Bhaavas) are:

1.Nirveda and Dainyokthi(Despondency and Plaintive pleading):
In Paluke Bangaramayena(Anandhabhairavi), He asks the Lord:
" O Rama! Why wont you speak to me? I wont forget the chanting
of your Taraka Nama even in my sleep". He is said to have received the 
Taraka Nama Upadesam from Bhaktha Kabir Das ,
another great Rama Bhaktha in his dream .Kabir Das preceded 
Ramadas by two hundred Years. After receiving his Upadesam ,
Ramadas sung his  Danyaasi Krithi " Taraka Mantramu " , where he 
proudly announced that He has been blessed and that he has 
found his salvation. He made his first trip to Bhadrachalam by 
boat and at one  bend of the river caught his first glimpse of the 
Lord"s temple on the Badra Hill and sang with ecstacy "Idhigo
Bhadradri " in Varali Ragam. At this temple, Sri Rama has Sita 
seated on his left thigh and carries chakram in the left hand and
sankham on his right hand. Lakshmana stands by in vigil
to serve His brother. Ramadas landed from the boat and  
offered his profound salutations to Sri Rama and sang in 
Suryakantam " Takkuvemi Manaku". Like Swami Desikan , he 
expressed here  his Vairagyam and said " What else do I need ,
when Ramachandra is at our side?" He sang Pallandu 
to the Lord like Periyaazhwaar in his Kurunji raga krithi,
"Ramachandrayya " and hailed " O Rama living in the heart
of your devotee Ramadas, May ALL auspiciousness befall You."

The Bhagavad Anubhavam and the Bhakti Prakaaras (Forms
of Devotion ) of this great Rama Bhaktha set an example to 
other great Rama Bhakthas like Saint Thyagaraja.

Sri Hanumat Lakshmana Sametha Sitarama
Parabrahmaneh Nama:

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan
Panguni Krishna Paksha Visakam.
Sankatahara Chathurthi Dinam.