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Re: Bhustuti
Date: Fri Apr 05 1996 - 21:24:11 PST

In the Bhustuti, Sri Sadagopan explains that Bhagavan in His role as
Adi Sesha holds Bhu Devi on His thousand heads.

In the Rahasya Traya Sara and elsewhere Swami Desikan describes Adi
Sesha as a Nitya Suri, which I understand as being in the same
category as jivatmas.  I have a problem understanding the
categorization of Adi Sesha as a jivatma.  This is because when
Balarama went from Dwarka to Vrindavana on a two month visit just
before the Mahabharata war, He had the same Madhurya Rasa with the
gopis that they enjoyed with Krishna earlier.  It is not possible for
the gopis to enjoy Rasa with anybody other than Bhagavan.

If so can the term Nitya Suri be used for categories other than
Jivatma?  Or does it mean that Adi Sesha is so close to Bhagavan that
He is as good as Bhagavan Himself?  If that is the case then the
equality of Jivatmas is ruled out.

Can someone please answer this question.