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Sri.V.Sadagopan's comments on discussion. [B

From: Rangarajan Sudarsan (sudarsar_at_U.Arizona.EDU)
Date: Fri Apr 05 1996 - 09:54:46 PST

On 5 Apr 1996, V. Sadagopan wrote:
> 3. As for myself, I am not comfortable at the dizzying heights 
> of abstract philosophy. I am very happy to reflect upon the 
> great personal and comforting works of Azhwaars and Acharyas 
> regarding the Divya Dampathis and the Prapatti/Bhakthi 
> concept developed by them . Thisapproach to me
> is much more satisfying and enriching. I will just stay there .   
dear memebers of the group,

I have reading the heated discussions going on between differnet schools of
thoughts. I agree that they areas discussed are require a high level of
intelect and education to understand and contest. Infact even our great 
acharyas who knew all the philosophy in the world didnt confuse the 
bhakthas by the difficult to understand philosophy , but tried to preach 
simple things by talking about alwar pasurams.

 As a person ( as most of us are) trying to learn easiest of margas (
bhakthi marga) to attain lords feet , I feel that more usefullness could
be there for everyone in the group if discussions cocentrate on things
that can foster bhakthi in us. I beleive that writing on these things will
foster confidence in the hearts of people that by simple anusthanams one
can earn the karunai of our lord and proceed to his lotus feet. I reflect
and throughly agree upon the above statement of Sri. V.Sadagopan.It cant
be said better. I hope that this brings an peacefull end to the heated
discussions and provides time for the learned in our group to concentrate
on other works of alwars and our great acharyas from which we have much
more to benifit.

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