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Thirunaraiyoor kainkaryam

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Wed Apr 03 1996 - 10:31:09 PST

	I would be so happy to contribute for the kainkaryams, the car
	festival etc at ThirunaRaiyoor. When we did the Transliteration of
	the naalaayira dhivya prabhandham, i had the privelege of doing the
	300 paasurams of Sri ThirumaNGgai aazhwaar which included the
	paasurams on thirunaRaiyoor nambi. 

	I sincerely feel that we in USA, who dont have the koduppinai
	(opportunity?) to be there in these dhivya dhEsams physically and
	enjoy our heart's content seeing our beloved perumaaL and thaayar
	closely, and who satisfy ourselves with this mere electronic world,
	have more more obligation to take care of these temples which need
	funds. These temples, the uthsavams are the only things that would
	bear testimony about our religion, faith etc, to our progeny. We
	should try to do something to maintain them atleast for the sake
	that our poorvaachaaryaaLs have taken a lot of efforts for whatever
	status it is in now. 

	I would donate $100 for this kainkaryam. Rengi, can u post the
	details of where should it be sent...


	(Vijay Triplicane)