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Sri Ramesh Sarangapani"s posting

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Apr 02 1996 - 17:32:12 PST

Sri Sarangapani"s posting brought a lot of 
memory from my boyhood days in Oppiliappan
Sannadhi. The most sacred among them is that of 
the grand father of Sri V.N.Vedantha Desikan, 
the author of the Commentary on Thiruvaimozhi. 

I am so happy to hear that my senior and 
neighbor , Dr.V.N.Vedantha Desikan(VNV)  , son 
Of Sri V.N. Sesahdriyaachar(VNS)  and the grandson 
of Ubhaya Vedanta Maha Vidwan Vangipuram 
"Navaneetham " Krishnamaachar Swamy has 
followed the tradition of his illustrious family and 
helped the Aasthikas with a timely , translation of
Thiruvaimozhi. Dr.VNV  is the eldest of the three sons 
of the late Sri VNS , Professor of Sanskrit at Annamalai 
University. Both VNV and myself are graduates of the 
Chemistry Dept at Annamalai University. He got his 
Ph.D from there and then went on to teach at a college 
in Madurai. Few years later , I left for my Doctoral studies at MIT. 
 His youngest brother is a precocious scholar of 
 Swami Desikan"s works and became 
a highly placed executive of TVS Company. His name is 
Sri V.N. Venkatanathan. He is the treasurer now of 
Sri Oppiliappan Ratnangi Kaimkaryam. He will be receiving
 the funds that we have collected from  here to complete the 
Ratnangi Kaimkaryam for Sri Oppiliappan.  

There is only one house between my house and  that of 
DR.VNV family at oppiliappan Sannadhi. I had the good fortune of 
receiving the blessings of Sri Navaneetham Krishnamacharya 
Swamy and His two sons , Srimans V.N. Srirama Desikaachaar 
and Sri V.N. Seshadriaacchaar. As I mentioned earlier , The son 
of Sriman V.N. Srirama Desikaachar, Sri V.N. Gopala Desikan is 
my classmate. He is following the family tradition after retiring 
from the Indian Railway Service and is offering kaimkaryam
 to the Lord thru Tamil Marai  Adhyaapaakam . I understand that Both 
Dr.Vedantha Desikan and Sri V.N. Gopala Desikan write frequently 
in Nrusimha Priyaa. 

I will conclude this "chatty ",autobiographical
 posting with a tribute to the Late 
Ubhaya Vedantha "Navaneetham " Krishnamaacharya Swamy ,
a great devotee of Sri Oppiliappan . This great scholar is the 
author of "Bhava Prakaasikai , Maha Bharatam commentary,
Upanishad Bhaashyam, Saariraka Saastraartha Dipikai ,
Naya Mayuka Maalikai and other deep Vedantha Granthas. 
The simplicity of his life, his dedication to Sri Oppiliappan 
Kaimkaryam  , his modesty and self-effacing nature were 
exemplary. The two sons  of this Swami and the Grandsons of this 
Mahan are proof to the fact that the Kaimkaryam done to the Lord
blesses the whole family for many generations. 

I can not wait to  get a copy of Sri VNV"s book.

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan