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panguni uththiram special - Some verses of "Nyaasa thilakam" of Swami Desikan

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Apr 02 1996 - 06:19:31 PST

Sri periya piraati samEthara amalnaathi piraan thirvadikaLE saraNam

approximate translation of Some Verses of "NYaasa thilakam" (offered to the
azhagiya maNavaaLan and periya piraati) of Swami Desikan which are very apt for
this panguni uththiram day.


I pray my respect to the ahcaaryaaL and their achaaryaaLs. Being the prime in
acharya paramparai and being the first Lord of all the entire universe, we
describe you both the divya dampathis of Sri Rangam as our "ubayam" (one of the
meainng here is, both the direction and destiny) and "balam" (strength to
pursue towards this direction to this destiny). Hence the direction is the
prapatti and the destiny is Rangan's kamalp paatham and the strength is the
faith or trust that such prapatti will lead us to you.

2.  If one will utter even once the words "I surrender to your feet",
then you blessed them "This will work out, you donot have to do it
again" with your abaya muthra formed by the right hand of yours. Such
right hand must protect me and provide the necessary grace.

3.  Acrued over a long time, my sin is so huge as a sea, which is
agitated and turbulent.  To cross such sea of sin, important praayach
chiththam or important mental resolve is to undertake prapatti as told
by the elders who also says that such is the thiru vuLLam or mental
resolve of the rangaveena yathu naathars. When I am begining this
slOkam of such prapatti, I think of the the eka mahishi of you the
akila lOka charanYan and think of HER paasurams in my mind and
surrender to you.
 4. While one is doing a yaagam they offer their worship or offerings to the
intended (uththEsa dEvathaa) by attributing the intended devathaa such as
mahendran (who is Indran with mahaththuvam) and Agna vishnu who is (Sri Vishnu
with agni). When such will identify themselves as the intended devathaa of the
yaagam, with such attributes, such that mahaththuvam becomes an attribute and
such attributes were in a way inseparable with those who identified themselves
as dEvathaas. Same way prapatti is the yaagam of the aatmaa and you the
Emperumaan Arangan is the devathaa intended and periya piraati is the
inseparable attribute HERself and who is full of grace and mercy and love.
 5. Hence she is also equally the ubaayam or the (way) for mOksham similar to
emperumaan. However when we the sinners could not reach our Lord (who is the
Father) who is in the form of an agitated whirl pool, you the piraatti (the
mother) calms down such seeRRam or centrifuge by your mesmerising service to
the Lord and paves way for us to reach this epicentre, our Lord. Thus SHE is
also the one who recommends mOkasham for us ie (purushakaaram).
 6. You are living with periya piraati for a very very long time (actually
beyond the perception of us and beyond the scale of unit known as "time") with
all your infinite attributes ie anantha kalYaana guNangaL, and one day you
performed shrishtior creation of naanmugan and other such chEthana clan, and
offered your "order" for them which is the vEdaas. There are only two ways we
can reach HIM. one is the straight line which is undertaking prapatti at HIS
feet. or the other way is to dwell on for sometime saying "do this way or that
way or do this logical path and assume this that etc" and finally obtain HIS
GRACE and hence Bhakti and using such Bhakti and attaining HIM is a long route
or suRRu vazhi or spiral route. Hence I who wants to reach HIM surrender
directly to HIM.

 32. The one who has the order of Sri Rangapathi, and such Venkata kavi's
nyaasa thilakam (keeping such kumkumam in forehead, face, and in our thoughts
and our heart), the one who reads it with devotion and resolve and for such
prapannaas, the chinthaamaNImaya giri sEshasaayi Sri Ranganaathan will offer
HIS darshan here, there and everywhere they wish to have such darshan!

ahcaaryaaL srivan sadkOpa yatheenthra Naaraayana mahaa dEsikan thrivadikaLE
Swami Desikan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sri Sri Ranganaayikaa samEthara Sri Ranaganaatha swami padukaam
charaNam charaNam, charaNam-prapatyE.

Sampath Rengarajan