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book on Divya Prabandham

From: Ramesh Sarangapani (
Date: Tue Apr 02 1996 - 06:44:13 PST

This is a follow-up on the note posted by Sri Sampath Rengarajan regarding
'translation of Nalayira Divya Prabandham'. Yes, such a book does exists.
i have reproduced the Introdution to this book below for those who may be



Introduction :

It is with immense pleasure that i exercise my proud privilege of introducing
yet another publication brought out by Sri Visishtadvaita Research Centre.
Indeed it may be reckoned as the first in the series of five volumes covering
the whole of Nalayira Divya Prabandham. This book may be treated as Volume III
(Part I), containing the first half of Thiruvoymozhi of Nammazhvar.

The Series bears the title "AZHVAR THIRUVULLAM", which may be considered the
name of the commentary, which, appropriately, gives the content of each verse
in simple Tamil prose (and a brief gist in English) in Azhvar's own words
relagating all allusions and quotations to the separate space meant for
footnotes. Thus we are in a direct contact with Azhvar; he talks in the first
person, narrates his experience, tenders advice to us, all in simple, forceful,
understandable, Tamil.

Since references with location and also Tamil meaning are given extensively,
the volume is bound to be useful for students of religion and even research
workers. We hope to follow up with the publication of the remaining volumes
also before long.

Our purpose is obvious. We wish to carry the message to the uninitiated
modern reader who can read Tamil/English and who has basic faith in religion.
The noble, catholic, unifying, old yet resilient, religious system built by
Sri Azhvar, Sri Ramanuja, and Sri Desikan ought to be propagated more 
intensively  and purposefully, if our youth are not to be weaned away by
catching concepts of newer and newer godpersons who are everyday making heavy
dents on tradition. Time now lost may not be regained later, one may be certain.

We should congratulate Sri V.N.Vedanta Desikan on an excellent achievement
and a signal service thus rendered to the great cause. Though a chemist by
profession, he is a pratising Vaishnavite, characterized by intense piety and
deep selfless commitment. Born as the grandson of the great 'Navanitam Swami',
Sri Ubha Ve Vidwan Krishnamacharya of Oppiliappan Sannidhi, he has imbibed
the best from his Acharya and also, what is more, always attached greatest
importance to learning hoary literature on traditional lines from authentic
preceptors. This naturally endows his style with an authority, an authenticity
and a sense of identification. We thank him for the co-operation he has
offered in our efforts.

I would, in conclusion, only plead for the support of the discerning public
in all our efforts.

                                         Sri Vishistadvaita Research Centre