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ThirunaRaiyoor - garudan, naRaiyoor nambi and nambikkai naachiyaar kainkaryams - Part 5

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Apr 02 1996 - 06:04:55 PST

Once a vaitheeka Brahmachaari was so eager to visit all the 108 DD's. However,
he was not able to do so in the course of time and he cried out to this Lord of
NaRaiyoor and plaeded to HIM for help. he "beleived" this Lord "nambi" and
"nambikkai naayaki" (nambi in tamil means beleive) who appeared and offered
his darshan of all 108 DD's in his dream and also told him that he is being
given with the iconised vigrahams of archaamoorthis of all the 108 DD's. When
he woke up from the dream he saw the 108 archa vigrahams in his place and he
performed arradhanai with great devotion to these vigrahams. During his end, he
left these vigrahmas with the temple and one can see all the 108 archa
vigrahams that were presented by the Lord HIMself even to day in this temple.
Thus this Lord and naachchiyaar are varap prasaadhi for those who beleived THEM
and give boon to every sincere bakthaa without any delay. And this has been
happening ever since methaavi maharishi and untill now. We must seek THEIR
blessings on this holy day of paNgunai uththiram by doing or pledging to do
 some bagwath kainkaryam for this Lord.

ennilamai yellaam aRiviththaal emperumaan
thannaruLum aakamum thaaraanEl pinnaip pOy
oNthuRai neer vElai yulakaRiya oorvan naan
vaNdaRaiyum peNNai madal pidiththup pin pinnE aNNal
thirunaRaiyoor ninRapiraan "thEr" pOkum veethi
poru maRaiyaal selvam polinthu.

The street in which the Car (or thEr) of this Lord goes will be rich
with the contents of vedaas in it. The pity is that this car is not
running now with such great efforts that thirumangai once had provided, and
the temple needs to be supported with sufficient
funds.  It is told that it was a dark day in early seventies when this
temple was shut down for a day for non payment of Levy by the Lessee
thus not offering the very prasaadham to the Lord who HIMself
emphasised the importance of this through pancha samaskaaram, . It is a pity
that it was also the same Lord who helped the aazwaar pay the Levy to the King.
This History may not be repeated again. But it is also our desire that the
kainkaryams of this temple be supported by us by raising adequate funds (approx
$ 2000 US) and supporting this temple on these special occassions atleast. ie
such as car festival, desikar ursavam, Garuda sErvai. The baagawathaa who is
organising the dEsikan festival (by forimg a trust in India) had already made
his request for a financial support from me and also suggested to raise money
for car festival. It was so nice when I called home 2 days back to hear that 45
the Jeer was present for the kal garida sErvai this time. Already a few poeple
had consented for supporting this. Number of fellow srivaishnavaa sent me
personal mail on  these posts on thirunaRaiyoor and I thank them for their
interest and faith on this Lord of thiru naRaiyoor and I hope that they and
other bakthass as well will come forward to fulfill this task. Meanwhile I
had already requested Sri Jagan nath to open an account head for naachiyaar
kOil garuda sErvai etc. Sri PDileepan had already pleadged his support of 108 $
and I request all the bakthaas who enjoyed the vaibavam of the Lord and read
the mahaathmiyam of Sri Garuda and the vaibavam of thirumangai to come forward
to support this thirup paNi for thiru naRaiyoor Lord and obtain HIS blessings.

 I conclude my posts on ThirunaRaiyoor on this paNguni utthiram day the birth
day of thaayaar periya piraati and nambikkai naachchiyaar of naachchiyaar kOil
whom I beleive will clear all our vinais.

sri kumuthavaLLI samEthara thirumangai thirvadikaLE saraNam
Sri Garudan thirvadikaLE saraNam
Sri Nambikkai naachchiyaar samEthara NaRaiyoor ninRa nambi thiruvadikaLE

Samapath Rengarajan