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"yen thIrthanE".. ?

Date: Mon Apr 17 1995 - 15:21:52 PDT

Mani Varadarajan says :

ovaath thuyarp piRavi utpada maRRev evaiyum,
moovaath thani muthalaay moovulakum kaavalOn,
maavaagi aamaiyaay mIn aagi maanidam aam,
thEvaathi thEva perumaa Nnen_thIrththanE.	2.8.5

I was hoping someone could shed light on why aazhvaar
addresses perumaaL as his "thIrththan" in the last line. 
What exactly is he saying? I don't know of any temple
where the deity is known as thIrththan, nor does it
seem particularly appropriate for the word to simply mean
the "sanctifier" or "sanctified". 


Connecting back to the "ovaath thuyarp piravi" line of thought, how about
if Nammaazhvaar is addressing Perumal as 

" yen vinai thIrthanE"


"yen kali thIrthanE"

- in the sense of He who ended ( theerthavan ), finished the cycle
of birth, sin, death ? , rather than the sanctifier ( sanskrit 'tIrta" )

Just a thought,