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[ Introduction]

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Apr 12 1995 - 11:16:50 PDT

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From: Sunder <>
Subject: Introduction
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 95 08:58:30 EDT

Dear Mani,
Thank you very much for adding my name in the group. It would be a great and
pleasurable experience to learn a lot of things from people knowledgeable in
Sri Vaishnavism.

Introduction about myself
- -------------------------
I am Sunder Kidambi, hail from Bangalore, grew up in Bombay, was there
till high school, moved to Madras where I did my B.E and M.E, came to 
Victoria Canada to do Ph.D., was in Montreal Canada as a postdoc for 2.5 years,
joined Analog devices in Boston area in the first week of March.

I am a vadagalai Iyengar, am associated with Andavan Ashramam. I am the first
grandson of Mysore Andavan in his poorvaashramam (this is only for my 
introduction, otherwise my knowledge of Sri Vaishnavism is only at the
introductory level). Krishna Kalale is my cousin who is well read on this

I guess I am have amply introduced myself. I would like to hear about others.

Best regards.

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