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re: some thought on "parasurama"

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Fri Apr 07 1995 - 09:46:51 PDT

mani writes:
Krishna writes:
> coming to naalayiram,  they were all "purusha krita" authored by human beings
> this makes them not acceptable as valid testimony - even though naalayiram
> may explain the truths better than the vedas!!  IT is even true that naalayiram
> explains vivid details of the experience of God not found in the available 
> portions of vedas. but when other vedantic
> faiths are involved in any argument, naalayiram cannot be brought in as
> testimony.

I understand your point on inter-scholastic debate, but don't
our acharyas consider azhvaar paadals to be apaurusheya in the same sense
as the Vedas? I think the normal citation is a paasuram where
Nammaazhvaar says that PerumaaL sings through him (the obvious
analogy being that just as the rishis were the means for the
broadcasting of the Veda, so is Nammaazhvaar simply being used
by God as an instrument).


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My answer:  You are right, those words of alwars are verily the words of God
who used alwars as his divine instruments.  In fact 10 alwars have been
referred to as "Nava Dasha Avatharas"  - new 10 avatars of Sri hari by 
sri vedanta desika in rahasya traya sara.  He states that like how
the dark clouds bring up the water of the oceans inaccessible to a majority
of human beings for their use,  vedas which are inaccessible to many are
brought out as these wonderful naalayiram by our alwars.  In fact in
rahasya traya sara, vedanta desika quotes more from naalayiram rather than
even vedas!! so that he can reach the commoner rather than pundits.  that is
one of the major reasons why rahasya traya sara of vedanta desika is his
magnum opus even dethroning his logical master pieces such as tattva mukta
kalapa or satadushani!

BUT  .,.......

accepting all the above alwar paadals are not considered as the highest authority
since,  a saivite can claim that "our nayanmaar's words " are  verily the words
of Lord shiva who used them as his instrument in his thiruvilaiaadal -  or
divine play!. Hence we both cannot agree  when our views based on different
gurus' words are different. Hence we should agree that eventhough we believe
that the words of God are words of alwars we cannot use it as testimony
in cross  culturual debates.  Please note that madhura kavi a vedic scholar
said that "verornrum naan ariyen"  - All I know is the divine words of my guru
"Maaran" I dont need anything else.  this obviously indicates that the content
of nammalwars words indicates so many truths that are hidden in the vedas  like
needles in a haystack. 

Even true saivaite authors agree that saivism is not a vedic religion  even
though, vedas profusely talk about Lord Shiva.  The influence of historical
rulers in this matter has been different from rational analysis.  See the book
vaishnavism of DR. SMS chari, in his introduction of first few chapters he
states :  Agora siva charya a famous saivite author writes,  " arvaacheena
  pandithaihi vedanta vasana vathbihi,  saiva mathaha kalusheekrithaha"

I might not have quoted him exactly but the meaning is clear that "
the new saivaites are polluting the old saivism since they are under the
influence of the vedic thought"  

I should add that Dr. SMS chari's book is excellent, really technical and still